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  1. is my current Logitech g402 a good upgrade from G102 ?? and a keyboard if so then which is a good budget gaming keyboard
  2. Monitor is last but still before the GPU ???
  3. So i have 20000 Pakistani RS roughly $136. I want to start spending money monthly on my Setup to make it more 2019 like and good for competitive gaming but idk where to start i need help and opinion on what to buy first. Should i buy a new mouse (Logitech G402) first so that it doesn't fudge me over in Fortnite and many games with double clicks when i click once or when i hold the left click it auto stops aka a broken left click.... along with mouse then upgrade my RAM to 16 GB for better multi tasking or buy a 144mhz Monitor then mouse Pad too (optional since good table :P) or just adding some more money and buy GTX 1660 Ti I wanna Stream too so 750Ti ain't good since i get frames drops while testing so a better GPU will Help too but if i do i can't take full potential of it since i have a lame 40$ local LCD 60mhz panel SO YEAH HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE lol My Current PC Build CPU► Core i5 7400 Ram► 8 GB (2x4) GPU► GTX 750Ti Mouse► Logitech G102 Prodigy (Left Click Fucked) Keyboard►Cheap Local 3$ Keyboard
  4. NemesisX

    Good Budget Gaming Mouse

  5. NemesisX

    Good Budget Gaming Mouse

    No i can't sadly
  6. NemesisX

    Good Budget Gaming Mouse

    Hey guys for the past 5 days i am looking for the good budget mouse to buy came acrross many even saw the linus's cheap mouse video but the problem is none of them are available in pakistan and also a big F U to amazon for not shipping here..... So i need help in finding one so far this is what i am thinking of please do some research if i should buy it or not A4Tech Bloody A91 it is RS 2500 in Pakistan (20$)
  7. Ok fair enough then which 4th Gen CPU should i go for from Intel Side
  8. Prehistorical build i will pass on that i wanna keep up with the rest of the world and not end up way behind like our country
  9. well if so then what will be better then my Current PC which will give me a huge boost in perfomance and not just a little boost even with spending money Waiting is hard especially in my 3rd world country which lacks behind in everything
  10. So i have asked alot of question and got alot of positive response.....i got to the point where i thought why not pay for i5 Chip and Mobo and buy the GPU in future. Hence below in New Build is what i have thought of what do you guys think. Budget $473 In USD RS 50000 In Pakistan Rupee. Current PC GPU► Nvidia GTX 750Ti 2GB CPU► Intel Quad Core Q9400 2.6Ghz Ram► 8GB DDR3 (Unknown Model) HDD► 250GB Samsung SP2504C (1TB Hard Burned 2 week ago ) MotherBoard► Intel's Board Version Don't Know..... Local Shit Re made i think cause it says "rm Plc" in System Manufacturer Anyways... Points To Know Ryzen Isn't Available in Pakistan. Intel 8th Gen Isn't Available In Pakistan. New Build CPU► i5 7600K (NEW) Mobo► B250 or H110 (NEW) (H110 to save money for 8GB RAM) GPU► Nvidia GTX 750Ti 2GB (Current One) Ram► 8GB DDR4 (New) HDD► 1TB Seagate Drive (New) Build Cost $465 Total CPU PKR► 28000 RPS USD► $264 Mobo PKR► 6800 RPS USD► $64 Ram PKR► 9000 RPS USD► $85 HardDrive PKR► 5500 RPS USD► $52 So What do you guys think??? Should i go with this build or should i go for i5 7400 CPU and the rest of the money i save i buy a LED 1080P Monitor??
  11. NemesisX

    i5 7500

    well Ryzen isn't available in Pakistan nor is 8th Gen intel So what is a better option Some people say Pentium G4560 Some say i3 8100 idk what to do i'm confused 400$ Budget to build new PC
  12. NemesisX

    i5 7500

    So i was going through olx and saw i5 7500 for just 19000 RS aka $179.7USD is that a good deal??? as i am building a PC within 50000RPS aka $473.0USD
  13. NemesisX

    New Build Worth it??

    Pakistan lol and ikr the pain of us being behind
  14. So i am planning to go for this build tomorrow under $400 is this a good build? As in my country Ryzen isn't available nor 8th Gen Intel CPU: i3 7100 MOBO: H110 GPU: GTX 750Ti (Current One) RAM: DDR 4 8GB HDD: 1TB SEAGATE Drive PSU: 450W
  15. NemesisX

    CPU Selection

    is i5 7400 better then i3 7100 and is it worth paying more for i5 instead of going for i3 7100??? as i3 8th gen CPU's aren't available in my country nor is ryzen EDIT: if i go for CPU: i3 7100 GPU: GTX 750Ti (Already Owned) will this be bottlenecking??