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  1. how did you do it exactly I mean what offset did you use
  2. But why does it hit 3.7 and the voltage is so high all the time
  3. Something is strange here my Ryzen 5 1600 is at 3.4 all the time even in idle while it should be 3.2 and sometimes it hits 3.7 and the voltage is always high around 1.4 mobo is: Asus Primeb350m-A
  4. BTW check this unigine score Unigine_Heaven_Benchmark_4.0_20180102_0140.html
  5. When I close everything my ram usage is 2gb is this okay or do I have a problem
  6. Do I have a RAM leakage check these pics
  7. Okay just let me check on other stuff again like drivers or software issue then I will come back to you with the answer after trying the down clock method, ps: thanks for the help so far you are the best man.
  8. I'm so sorry man it was late at night I didn't pay attention I'm sorry I do live in Egypt so I'm not sure if it's possible to get spare parts from Asus and I am low on budget I can't buy fans so what is undervolting and how would it help and how to undervolt
  9. ohh yah I thought you meant something else, will I am not quite sure but I think yah stuttering was less expected to be occurring but it did happen but once every now and then during the gaming session