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  1. Thanks for the correction. was looking at Innovation Cooling Graphite Thermal Pad
  2. Hiya all, anyone using Thermal Grizzly Minus Pad on the CPU's verse the paste?
  3. was thinking of this... how somehow got the wrong drives (green)
  4. Does anyone remember a linus video within the last 6 months talking about Seagate BarraCuda SSD's? Something like the following link https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07T4178G1/ref=ox_sc_saved_title_2?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&psc=1 I need to replace some SSD's in my NAS and "bookmarked" these drives based off a Linus Video. Are these drives still recommended?
  5. Looking good. share what your doing with all the other nerds so that one day, we to can have arms like you.
  6. looking at the following 2x https://www.amazon.com/Elgato-Game-Capture-HD60-Pro/dp/B076ZQBN6R/ref=pd_sbs_147_3?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B014MQIVPS&pd_rd_r=d0556ca6-009f-11e9-840a-13e19cce6626&pd_rd_w=7YLVY&pd_rd_wg=gXP8Y&pf_rd_p=7d5d9c3c-5e01-44ac-97fd-261afd40b865&pf_rd_r=E2AH668PMD4S7572JWA2&refRID=E2AH668PMD4S7572JWA2&th=1 or 2x https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DHSZC4K/ref=sspa_dk_detail_0?psc=1&pd_rd_i=B07DHSZC4K&pd_rd_w=dToGb&pf_rd_p=21517efd-b385-405b-a405-9a37af61b5b4&pd_rd_wg=gXP8Y&pf_rd_r=E2AH668PMD4S7572JWA2&pd_rd_r=d0556ca6-009f-11e9-840a-13e19cce6626
  7. all. to be clear. the twitch stream does not NEED to be 4k 60fps. I'm assuming we will need some type of capture card. so video card --> HDMI --> Video capture card --> monitor. the video capture card will get 4k, 60FPS and likely stream 1080P out to twitch while passing the 4k steam on to the monitor. we are looking to combine two video sources into a single twitch stream
  8. compute is not a concern for us. we have plenty of hardware laying around up to and including an i9
  9. The hubs and I have been streaming on twitch, while playing together at the same time, for some time now. we recently saw a couple streaming together. We saw two web cam feeds but only one video. I'm guessing we gotta run the MIC's, video, and PC feeds into a single PC and than run twitch on that PC. so.... anyone ever do something like this or know / helped someone do this before? looking for hardware recommendations. we commonly stream in 4k 60 FPS. the monitor output needs to be that.
  10. 1) i do not watch his.. stuff. 2) i would get banned for speaking my leftist mind (and i would like to keep my ban count low - where it really matters) I will assume he is adjusting himself from now on.
  11. i mean really.. invest in an intern or something to swap cards. SOMETHING! having your hands move mid video is distracting and IMO unprofessional.
  12. So the last few videos have had Linus in the middle of his talking / video readjusting his wireless MIC transmitter. I would HOPE you earn enough $$$$ to afford someone who is.. actually watching the content your producing. L@@K at the last few video's you have done and you will notice that your adjusting your transmitter in your right / my left (because I'm watching your video) pocket. STOP IT
  13. sorry if covered but what BIOS did you flash the cards to?
  14. agree with that others have said... dont on those cards. maybe sell them on Ebay and use that $ to guy the good cards
  15. this is my point.. people keep throwing out those hash rates and it's not real. No one shows screen shots or proof of concept.. they just keep saying it. I have a 1080ti... it does not get 70+ that's worth a damn right now. so we have some spec / comparison below for the 1080ti ETH: 31.646 DCR: 316 LBRY: 30 and the following for 2x 1060's 3gb ETH: 54 DCR: 546 LBRY: 53 2x cards, lower power, more hash. google is skewed IMO which is why I asked you for more info. not attacking.. only trying to understand where your data point is coming from