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  1. These assumptions (already having a PC) also assumes you already have peripherals. Another fun fact, you can use a TV as a monitor, you don't need to buy one.
  2. Hear me out. When you buy a console it's an ADDITIONAL expense. I'd bet almost anything that you already have a PC or something close. So for example: you already spend 2-600 dollars on whatever PC you already have so if in ADDITION to that you spent $500 (the price of an Xbox One X) you'd be spending ~700-1100 dollars on a PC you'd have a pretty baller PC, one that's significantly better than a $500 PC that LTT just compared to the One X in today's YouTube video. It's not fair to compare a $500 console to a $500 PC. Realistically if you pooled your "Gaming spending money" you'd actually be getting a ~$800 PC, which could easily compete with modern consoles. PLUS there's a bunch of free content on PCs that easily add 100's of dollars in value vs. $60 AAA games. /rant