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    Looking for new OLED phone and need thoughts

    Thanks for the input, I'll look into a Galaxy S8+ and a Note 8.
  2. Hey y'all I have been using a Droid Turbo for the past 2 or 3 years and it has served me phenomenally. I am looking for a new phone because this one was used when I got it and has had battery issues its whole life that are getting so bad that it sometimes turns off at 45% battery and it's becoming a hassle. I mostly use my phone for watching television, snapchat, and the occasional game of Hearthstone. Since my use case is very dependent on the screen, I want to get an OLED display as I have heard that the screen and battery life are phenomenal on these devices. In an ideal world, the phone would also already have a shock resistant case I can buy because I drop my phone fairly frequently(it being forgotten on a blanket and I lift up the blanket etc.). I'd also really like the phone to be an Android device because I have never liked the packaged-ness of the iPhone(I am a bit of a tinkerer) but I'd be willing to consider an iOS device. If you have any suggestions or other places I could look in order to find a good OLED phone, please let me know.
  3. I have a Razer Deathadder 2013 that I absolutely adore but has recently started cutting out during Overwatch matches. I am a very competitive player and it's a big no-no for me if a mouse cuts out (It's very old and is probably just breaking, the cable has been abused). I was looking for a low key replacement mouse(not flashy or "gamery") with two buttons on the left side of the mouse and preferably has a history of being a solid build and high performance as I am pretty hard on my mice. Any suggestions?