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  1. Funny question that is totally unrelated, aren't USB ports pretty simple to solder on a new one?
  2. Yea that definitely makes alot of sense now, before I was just a tad bit set off by the request being a bit odd. Thank you though for clearing it up.
  3. Not really originally he asked me too remove the jammed pin from the broken USB cord, which was why I applied for the warranty, but after I did provide the verification he asked for he then followed it up with the image asking me to remove the black portion of the port.
  4. Ah that makes alot of sense, don't want you to be scandalous and geta free one eh?
  5. Do you guys think it's a bit off that a Blue Yeti support agent is asking me to rip out the USB port on a microphone that I'm sending back for a warranty appeal? I feel a bit like a child who's being tricked by a twitch chat to toast my harddrives and microwave my mouse.
  6. My monitor has horizontal lines that dance up and down my screen every time I start my PC, and I've known about it for a little over a year however when I first noticed my monitor was already out of warranty. With time they've continued to rise higher and higher up the screen and just recently have started to reach the top and turn into horizontal lines as well, I believe it is not a software issue as when I screenshot or use the snipping tool the lines do not appear and they seem kinda similar to other broken LCD's. Just thought I'd share as It can be kinda interesting and I wanted to see if you guys have ever seen anything like it as I haven't seen other posts with it before. Monitor: https://www.msi.com/Monitor/Optix-G24C.html VID_20191017_160151_Trim.mp4