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  1. AM4 Cpu Cooler with easy install?

    Thank You all for answering, however most of you answered the stock cooler. I have the 1600X which does not come with a stock cooler. I think I may order the Wraith Max. Thank you all have a good day.
  2. AM4 Cpu Cooler with easy install?

    No, mine didnt come with one. Maybe Im just unlucky?
  3. AM4 Cpu Cooler with easy install?

    Hi all! I have had all of my parts for my pc build for about 2 weeks now. However, I ordered the cryorig H7 to cool my 1600X. However, the boxes still do not come with am4 brackets. I had to order an upgrade kit and I am still waiting almost 2 weeks later. Anyways, I havent found many other coolers that are compatible with am4 out of the box. Do you guys know if any? My case has a max cooler height if 160mm. Thanks!
  4. Hi all! I live in australia and ordered most of my parts from the US and wondering if the PSU (from AUS) would work with all the US parts. Thanks!
  5. Arctis 7 Any Good?

    Hi all! I have recently been looking for a pair of wireless headphones. I came across the SteelSeries arctis 7. I was wondering if any of you guys had them or thought that they were any good? Thanks!
  6. Positive Air Flow?

    I thought you needed alot of fans for a cool system?
  7. Positive Air Flow?

    I want to have 3 fans at the front as intakes and 2 at the back/top as exahusts. However, will 3 at the front and 1 at the back be fine?
  8. Ryzen 5 1600X CPU AM4 AIR COOLER?

    What cooler can I buy that fits AM4 out of the box?
  9. Ryzen 5 1600X CPU AM4 AIR COOLER?

    The Cryorig H7 looks like a good option for me. However, do I have to purchase an AM4 upgrade kit or does it come with one?
  10. Ryzen 5 1600X CPU AM4 AIR COOLER?

    Hi all! I have ordered the Ryzen 5 1600X and have just realized that it doesn't come with a stock cooler which I was originally planning on usual. I am OK with spending something like $30 (USD) on a aftermarket cooler. However I have seen many options and don't know which ones are compatible with AM4 my Asus Prime B350-Plus Motherboard, or my Phanteks P400 chassis. Any and All opinions are appreciated. Thanks!
  11. Hi all! I have bought the Asus Prime B350-Plus. I have the Phanteks P400 and it comes with what I would assume is the normal stand off layout (ATX or 9 standoffs.). However, my motherboard only has 6 holes. It is missing where I would expect 3 more to go on the right side of the board. Will this be a problem? Will I have to buy a new motherboard? Thanks! All help appreciated!
  12. Hi all! I have the Phanteks p400 TG as a chassis and I was wondering what happens if I break my glass. Can I buy another one from Phanteks to replace the broken one? Thanks!
  13. One 8GB Stick v Two 4GB Sticks (RAM)

    What RAM speed would you guys recommend. I have a Ryzen 5 1600 Thanks!
  14. Hi all! I am looking to start off with 8GB of RAM (just one stick) and upgrade to 16GB about a month later. However, I have heard that there is a great performance increase when using RAM in dual channel. Should I buy 8GB in dual channel and later buy another set so that all my RAM dimm's are filled? Or should I stick with what I originally planned? Thanks!
  15. Razer Ornata Chroma V Razer Ornata

    Hi all! I have never had a mechanical keyboard before that's why I want to start with a mecha-membrane board. However, there are two options. The RGB lighting and the green lighting. Now, I would prefer the RGB but I've never had a back-lit keyboard before. Is the $20 premium worth it for the RGB? Should I just stick with the cheaper green back-lit board? Thanks!