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  1. The main issue could be mismatch dimm brands sk hynix and nanya don't mix well together.
  2. Knight I would like to ask your ram 2x16gb is a kit or purchased individually?
  3. I cannot solve this problem I sent the 2 8gb sticks back and ask for a kit replacement of 32gb the system is not holding up. Thanks
  4. 4 dimm configuration, btw i got it working now, i insert the 2 nanya sticks into slot a1 and a2 and the sk hynix chips into b1 and b2 flawless now will update if anything goes wrong. thanks guys for the help.
  5. yes i check and recheck it was in asus qvl list
  6. I was wondering if the part number matches my dual channel kit it should have no problem right?
  7. and if i cold start the pc windows will show some bogus error says drivers not digitally sign and i have to reenter bios save and exit then it reboots fine
  8. Yes, on all 4 also it boots i even check for memory errors but none appear
  9. Hi good day to all I purchased 2 8gb Kingston Hyper X Fury @ 2666mhz which matches my previous dual channel kit part code and i got random bsod cannot start windows. I check the new ram chips are sk hynix and the old kit ones are Nanya. I inserted Nanya sticks into slot A1 and A2 and Sk Hynix on B1 B2 . My mobo is a Asus x370 strix with latest bios and windows 10 home single language 1809. Any assistance will be greatly appricieted
  10. ckl_1981

    Asus Expedition RX570 4gb Random Black Screen

    btw i recently changed to a 144hz gaming monitor running on display port, is it a driver or my gpu is failing cause its just about a year i bought it, i read in many forums that the rx series have this issue nvidia don't. Any help will be greatly appcriated thanks...
  11. Hi, good day to all. I have experience this random black out and no display issues on my RX570. My build is a Ryzen 1500x paired pn a Asus Strix x370 mobo with 16gb ram. My psu is a coolermaster v750 fully modular. I have this problem for a while but it happends only once in a fortnite during gaming. But now it becomes very frequend because i updated to the lastet 19.4.1 Software. I am currently using 192.3.1 now cause this driver seems to have less problem. Can anyone address this issue cause it's quite fustrating. Thank you
  12. ckl_1981

    Rx570 suddenly black out

    its working fine now i tested furmark for 15 minutes no issues
  13. ckl_1981

    Rx570 suddenly black out

    mobo bios. no more reinstalling windows pls i used ddu in safe mode to fully uninstall the previous vga driver, i just installed windows 10 3 month ago on a nvme drive
  14. ckl_1981

    Rx570 suddenly black out

    Good day all, recently after a asus 4024 bios upgrade my gpu blacks out 2 times in 4 days. Yesterday the bios says that the RX570 does not support UEFI boot but it was working fine all the while. I reseated the GPU and still testing now. Any help will be appreciated..thanks. My mobo is a x370 with a ryzen 1500x
  15. actually i am satisfy already... just got an adata 480gb nvme last 2 weeks.