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  1. Thank you very much for your time and help! Didn't even think about the antennas being broken because the strength and the wifi sometimes work. Probably because of the cables connecting and disconnecting from each other :). No dents on the laptop so probably some network damage. Ill see if I get a network card or not. Again, thank you for the answer and have a good one
  2. I've seen the cables on the wifi antenna. Didn't detach them when I applied the paste. I did later reattach the antenna cables because of the problem but didn't change anything. Still same issues. I have been on Catalina. Same problem there with latest updates.
  3. Hello everyone! So I recently got a refurbished Macbook Air 2015, 8Gb RAM i5. (Bought from another person) Its in great condition outside and everything. Battery only at 160 cycles. One of the first things I did was reapplying the thermal paste and now it runs as cold as snow. (Maybe not,) 35C on idle. There is one major problem that I have tried to fix for weeks and it doesn't seem to go away... PROBLEM: The wifi is a disaster. Most of the times, it says (Could not connect) Even if its correct password. Even if it was connected to it 5 min ago. And it doesn't matter which network. School, Personal hotspot, Home... Sometimes, it connects but the wifi is very slow. Like the pages doesn't even load. And sometimes it just drops the connection like its: (Nah, this thing is slow I don't like it.) I know for sure its not the networks problem. (Same wifi issue was in the internet recovery and while setting up the OS) SOLUTIONS THAT I HAVE TRIED: - New Location - Forgetting Password - Keychain Access - DNS - Proxy - Hardware (Package amount) - Restart - Reset NRAM/ SMC and other things - I even reinstalled Mac OS 10 times. (High sierra, Catalina, El Capitan). - Deleting Files - Killing activity - Turning off and on wifi - Turning off bluetooth MY THOUGHTS: - Probably the network card is broken. (But how? Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. Also I notice it depends which location Im at. For example connecting to my phone at home isn't a big deal most of the time. But always when Im at a restaurant it doesn't want to connect) So I have some ideas what it also can be. - Can it be the temperature? I noticed that it never works outside home, maybe because Ive been outside? And I tried setting on CHESS game to pump up the temperature, it raised up to 70C and the wifi magically connected. Tho, still a bit slow. Later it worked great. As fast as the temperature dropped to 50 or below, the wifi randomly disconnects.... Do you have any ideas how I can try the theory out even deeper? - Another idea is the location. Maybe it sees that my computer is in another country and thats why it doesn't want to connect? but that would be weird. Again, it sometimes connects and sometimes doesn't. (Most of the time it doesn't) Before I noticed it only after sleep. Now I notice it not only after sleep. Write your ideas or experience. Maybe you could help out my life and make it less tragic. If you have come this far in reading, have a wonderful day and I hope this doesn't happen to you, because just a simple wifi connection has a big impact on my mood, daily life and choices. Thank You!
  4. Will use blancco drive eraser as dban is HDD only. (For ssds it not that great)
  5. Will try. Thanks. (If it will recognise it tho XD)
  6. Yes, data SSD 240Gb, I changed from sata1 port to 7 but still no luck. (Just check on the internet that it might be a problem)
  7. Hi I have new Ryzen 1700 build on Asus x370 prime pro I have a m.2 ssd from another laptop. When I insert the ssd into the x370 mono, the bios/windows boots slower. I can't see the ssd in bios. I can see the ssd in windows as Unknown device. It can't be initialize any way, thrue disk part, disk manager, other third party programs. There is no volume in it. I tried to clean it several times with disk part but it doesn't help. I have tried to rebuild the MBR but it didn't help either. Any ideas? Thank you, also I search on google but only things that I can find is people with unknown drives with unallocated volumes. (This ssd doesn't have unallocated volume) Thanks.
  8. Doesn't look so.. I ran clean, clean all. After I ran clean all it said "couldn't find files or something" and then the disk just dismounted (disappeared) and after restart it appears again. I tried recovery programs but none of them couldn't find anything. As the volume is 0, it appears that It got no volume and it can't initialize. I tried to rebuild MBR and it said successful but I still couldn't initialize. Idk, I think the drive is broken, or the mono port....
  9. Thanks for the help anyways, i found Bootice and going to see what I can do
  10. Did but same results as last time with diskpart. The video looks nice but the m.2 SSD doesnt have any volume, so there is nowhere to go for the proporties.
  11. Convert GPT doesn't work, but the next one is showing something
  12. the same disk 1 unknown (not initialized) and now when i right click the initialize disk option is unclickable. no unallocated block