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  1. lockist

    monitor colors

    what is the difference between the display colors and the gamut in monitors .
  2. lockist


    how to make the rgb parts work together ?
  3. lockist

    RGB case fans

    does it work with rgb fusion?
  4. lockist

    RGB case fans

    i need the best RGB case fans (the best rgb not the best performance), no matter in what price , i need it to work with Corsair - Obsidian Series 1000D and Gigabyte - Z390 AORUS PRO WIFI.
  5. lockist

    oc in b450 mb

    it is about 85$ shipping to nyc
  6. lockist

    oc in b450 mb

    what do u recommend ? (the cheapest u would recommend)
  7. lockist

    oc in b450 mb

    do u think MSI - B350 PC MATE is enough
  8. does all b450 mb support overclocking .(with ryzen 2600(looking for upgrade in the future ))
  9. how to know if a MB is good and enough for Over Clocking or not ( with ryzen processors(any ryzen for the upgradeability)(i know that ryzen and intel will probably be the same) )
  10. 2600 or 1700 or wait a what MB to OC
  11. i need a MB under 85 $ to oc a 2600 to about 4.0 or 4.1 GHz.and 4 ram slots and 3200 MHz ram compatible .
  12. can it run 1080p medium or higher at 60/50 fps is there is some thing better at this budget https://pcpartpicker.com/list/sFdZnn
  13. lockist

    cherry mx red vs speed

    what does linear ,clicky and tactile mean
  14. lockist

    cherry mx red vs speed

    if both of them is a bad choice so what is the best one