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  1. Hello again. Having a good night already, but I'm running into an issue with an Arma 3 server running on Linux. Started up the server, and it says this 22:19:25 Warning Message: You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted. a3_characters_f Not sure what to do right now, haha! Here are my startup commands: ./arma3server -config=server.cfg -name=ww2 -port=2302 -world=empty -mod=@mantel\;@ace\;@ace_3_extension_animations_and_actions\;@ace_3_extension_placeables\;@acex\;@advanced_towing\;@alive\;@backpackonchest\;@blastcore_edited_standalone_version\;@burnes_armories_mk10_landing_craft_utility_lcu\;@canteen_mod\;@cba_a3\;@ch_view_distance\;@chemical_warfare\;@csa38_mod_czechoslovak_army_1938_Munich_crisis\;@cup_terrains_core\;@cup_terrains_maps\;@dynasound_2\;@enhanced_movement\;@enhanced_soundscape\;@faces_of_war\;@gear_functions\;@geist_a3_lite\;@geist_a3_lite_fow\;@hors_de_combat\;mod/@ifa3_aio_lite\;@ifa3_liberation\;@ifa3_ww2stylecompassandwatch\;@immersion_cigs\;@iron_front_44_realpanzer\;@iron_front_arma_3_faces_of_war_compatibility_patch\;@iron_front_sabre_planes_integration_ifa3\;@kompanie_mod\;@kompanie_mod_3\;@kompanie2mod\;@kurts_survival_system_kss\;@len_aircraft_reskins_pack_for_ifa3_lite\;@len_weapons_pack_for_ifa3_lite\;@mcc_sandbox_4_mission_making_the_easy_way\;@remove_stamina\;@remove_stamina_ace_3\;@renners_unit_texture_pack_ww2\;@sabres_secret_weapons\;@sabs_aircraft_lib\;@sabs_flying_circus\;@shacktac_user_interface\;@suppress\;@tank_shell_fly_sound\;@task_force_radio\;@vcom_ai_v294\;@whistle_mod\;@wmo_walkable_moving_objects\;@ww2_extra_factions\;@ww2_flags_for_ifa3_fow\;@ww2_objects Logs: https://hastebin.com/ajugeqowab.scala Any help would be great!
  2. So I have eno1, eno2, eno3, eno4. So I would do this? iface eno1 dhcp iface eno2 dhcp iface eno3 dhcp iface eno4 dhcp
  3. They are all connected, but the thing is I messed up my interfaces file, is there a way to restore it back to what it was before?
  4. So today I booted up my R710 with Ubuntu Server on it and I needed to change my ports for my Gmod server, I then typed in ifconfig to get it and it didn't pop up at all! I have no idea why, very very stressed out. Thanks, Liam
  5. Well, holy cow. Got it to work with this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=maR47QBgVwY This saved my stuff, I have all of my files back.
  6. So while I was messing with my PC today, I accidentally deleted one of my drive partitions and I had maybe 30 gigs of files that I needed, and I cannot get my data back, any ideas?
  7. So I have just installed Ubuntu server on my other Desktop. And first time booting I get "AMD Data Change...Update New Data to DMI!" And cannot go passed that screen, Google has done nothing to help at all. Thanks, Liam
  8. Looked and I reset everything, but my mouse wheel say when something is loading is blue, not black or white.
  9. Feels like I'm in the 1950s' haha