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  1. Hello everyone, Can anyone of you explain to me what is wifi antenna diversity in a laptop? Like let's say i want to upgrade my laptop wifi antennas to two 7dbi dipoles (pcb form) and i have an intel dual band wireless card, do i orientate one dipole horizontally and the other vertically? Or shall i orientate both vertically? And what are the AUX and MAIN on the dual band wireless card? Please explain to me in depth Any and all opinions are much appreciated Thank you all
  2. so in my case i have two 7dbi dipoles and would like to get as much access points as possible - do i keep both antennas up or each at a 45 degrees angle from the center ?
  3. by the way i forgot to mention that the antennas are 7dbi each so they are sort of directional antennas that radiate 360 degrees and i need them fixed in one position without touching them each time - so what would you suggest in this case? thanks alot
  4. hello everyone, can any one suggest what is the best wifi antenna orientation for optimum coverage ? - i have an alfa wifi adapter with two antennas and would like to know what is the best orientation for maximum wifi capture for wardriving and wifi pentesting . any and all opinions are more than appreciated . thank you all
  5. what laptop you have by the way ? and if you had the option between what i bought and a t430 which would you choose ? thanks buddy
  6. hello everyone - what do you think of this laptop ? is 200$ well spent on it ? lenovo ideapad y500 : i7 3630QM gt750M 16gb ram 128gb M.2 SSD 1TB samsung HDD backlit keyboard let me know ! thank you all
  7. what about power? which is more tailored to what i need ? i will be learning linux system architecture - some CAD designing - some ethical hacking - over all linux learning and game development thanks for your help
  8. i will be learning on arch linux and debain as a general linux learning and will be doing some ethical hacking and some CAD designing - basically "professional" work you know ..... thanks again
  9. but why do you think that the y500 is more faster if both have exactly the same specs ? does the gpu on the y500 makes it faster?
  10. also iam planning to use external gpu on the T430 through the express card slot - but my main concern is which is better for the purposes i mentioned in my previous response? thanks alot
  11. the battery on the lenovo T430 is 9 cell and last 15 hours in total on full charge - the lenovo y500 doesn't have an option to upgrade battery - i will be using either laptop for linux system architecture learning and over all programming and ethical hacking etc.. thanks alot
  12. hello everyone, i have an option to buy either a lenovo thinkpad T430 or lenovo ideapad y500 specs of each : lenovo ideapad Y500 i7 3630QM 16gb ram gt750m 250gb ssd 1tb hdd red backlit keyboard lenovo thinkpad T430 i7 3630QM 16gb ram 250gb ssd 1tb hdd backlit keyboard 9 cell battery 3 wifi antenna 7dbi each any and all opinions are more than appreciated thank you all
  13. it already has a 256gb ssd coupled with 1tb hdd and an i7 but 8gb ram - i'm thinking of something "more" or "different" sort of . i'm investing in this laptop as i heard alot of great stuff about lenovo thinkpads being build for linux as i will be using the laptop for linux system architecture development etc...
  14. hello everyone i just got a FREE lenovo thinkpad L430 and i want to apply ultimate upgrade to it - can you guys give me as much upgrade ideas as you can to upgrade this machine ? any and all opinions are more than appreciated thank you all