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  1. Hi so I Recently Saw this Keyboard At a Hardware Canucks Video, And i was wondering what Shade of white was used for the keys. Adding To that, where can i order customized keycaps? I found the maxkeyboard Website but the color and design were a bit limited.
  2. yeah, that could be it. Nice i was a bit confused at first if it was bad. Thanks
  3. I have a 2080ti , Which do you think matches it better?
  4. Hi so I've been exploring the " top ultrawide monitors 2019" and on my own i found the LG 34GK950F-B on my own which i think has pretty impressive spec for an ips ultrawide panel but I've noticed that most of the list that I saw didn't include this monitor and instead had the alienware monitor at the top of their lists, Is there some sort of problem with the lg monitor or is the alienware monitor actually better? I mean looking at the specs of both the LG 34GK950F-B provides a faster response time (Lg 1ms Alienware 4ms), Higher refresh rate (Lg 144Hz Alienware 120Hz). Am i missing something? Which is better in your opinion?
  5. Thanks, but I heard the bios is a little bit hard to deal with ?
  6. yeah my bad i got confused but i changed it.
  7. Hi So I'm Looking for a new motherboard for the 9700K and most of the ones that i saw recommended the Maximus XI line, But according to some people these boards have some problems like they have significantly lesser vrams than the Aorus Z390 line. I'm a bit confused on what to choose i mean i will be using the pc for heavy gaming and a couple of engineering programs. Which one should i Choose?
  8. So I've been going around the internet for a bit and I found these two AIO coolers that i like but from what I've read the NZXT kraken offers more and is cooler(temperature) but the only downside is its cam software(according to the posts and reviews), Did they patch the kinks off yet? or is it still the same? I was thinking if i should just go with the Corsair H115i Pro? Since according to them the only downside are its stock fans which can be easily replaced. Another question is if corsair's LL fans would be ok as replacements for the stock fans on these coolers?
  9. I'm having trouble choosing between the Asus - ROG STRIX Z370-E GAMING , MAXIMUS X Hero and code. What are the main differences between these 3 motherboards?
  10. https://pcpartpicker.com/user/JosH_/saved/wxCkTW I'm planning to use two monitors an Ultrawide (The soon to be released Acer X35) and another monitor which ill use for console gaming. I based my power supply from the wattage shown on pcpartpicker , But I'm not really sure if it was right because in my mind since this setup needs about 800 watts, Then I should get a higher value power supply to prevent it from losing power. Is my theory right or am I wrong? The question is if the power supply that I chose for this build adequate or should I choose another one ? And if so which power supply and what wattage should i get?
  11. I'm not really an audio expert so please bear with my terms. So i recently found out about the m1060. And i decided that these headphones will be my "Gaming Headphones". The question is, If these headphones need a Dac/Amp to get a better sound quality. Which Dac/Amp would that be? And also if you have another recommendation for another great headphone which has good sound quality and can make footsteps noticeable and can make you feel like you're actually in the game (ex. you can feel the feelings of the music) , It will be very much appreciated.
  12. Do you guys know any strong and durable monitor desk mounts which can carry one 35'' ultrawide monitor (Acer X35 (Pending)) and a 27'' - 29'' monitor?