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    South Africa
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    Reading, playing guitar, gaming, technology.
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    School student


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    Intel Core I5-3470
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    MSI Z77A-GT3
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    Transcend 8gb DDR3 @1600Mhz
  • GPU
    Asus Gt740 2gb OC edition
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    Cooler Master (unkown)
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    Hitachi 1tb hdd/ WD green 1tb hdd
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    Thermaltake lite power 450W
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    BenQ G2410HD
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    Deepcool Atla
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    Dell L20U
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    Dell (unkown)
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    Astrum HS790
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. Tried with one of each ram in, no ram in, unplugged all my drives, took out cmos battery, tried without graphics card and still wouldn't start. I hadn't done anything to the pc recently so i don't know what is causing the issue, I'm assuming its the power supply. Also i dont have an I/O shield so could that cause a short? Rear IO isn't making contact with the case though)
  2. I had both sticks of ram in from the beginning and didn't give many problems. Nothing changed. I'll try the ram thing now and get back to you
  3. Mobo: MSI Z777A-G43 CPU: I5 3470 Ram: 1× Transcend 8gb @ 1600Mhz, 1× Transcend 4gb @ 1600Mhz (DDR3) GPU: Asus Gt740 2GB OC edition PSU: Thermaltake Litepower 450W SSD: Gigabyte 240gb ssd HDD: WD green 1tb, Hitachi 1tb No, I haven't had this problem before, it started recently, maybe the past month
  4. Hi, recently whenever i switched off, hibernated or put my pc to sleep it would take a while to start up. When i press the power button I see my cpu fan spin for 1 second then stop and after a while it would start. Today i woke up and tried switching it on, fan spun for a second and i haven't had any luck in the past 2 hours. Could it be the PSU or the case power button?
  5. Ohhh I see, thanks man I'll take a look and try to find it
  6. Do you know how make it right then?
  7. Hi, so i bought a new motherboard bundle which is the MSI Z77A-GT43 with an Intel Core I5 3470 and 8gb of ram. Since my previous motherboard had VIA HD audio drivers, windows reconfigured everything. I anyway went on the msi website to download the audio drivers and I installed them. After that then none of the audio jacks were working, front and rear. the Realtek sound manager picks up that a device was plugged in but no sound is playing through my speakers. Is there a way to fix this?
  8. This problem is quite recent. My external always picked up as an external but when I plugged it in today then it showed up as a local disk instead. Even the disk properties says the type is a local disk. When I went into Disk Management, it shows up with the name and not a local disk, but in File Explorer, it has the local disk name. In the pictures below, it is local disk (H:)
  9. It's my dad's phone so there really isn't any other apps except the ones that come stock with the phone, I used files by google and it says there's nothing there to clean and I'm still getting the error.
  10. Ahhh I see. Is there anyway of cleaning the internal storage then other than doing a factory reset? Most online sites and forums say that you should just clean your sd card or check if the sd card slot is loose but none of those are problems with the phone. I've read that the other ways in which you can fix it is either by a factory reset or flashing a ROM, but I don't want to go through all that?
  11. Hi, I'm getting an error while downloading media on Whatsapp that says, "Can't download because no internal storage is available. Please unmount it as a disk drive, and try again." I'm not sure what the problem is as I have a 16gb SD card as well as 5gb free on my internal storage. My phone is a Hisense U962
  12. Yeah, I just cleared up some space to fit it. It was way easier than looking for software to install it on a flash drive.
  13. I got autocad but I would like to install it straight to a usb instead of on my pc (due to lack of space). Problem is that if I click install it says there's too little space and doesn't allow me to change the drive path. Does anyone know of any workaround or software that can allow me to install it straight to my USB?