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  1. OSAID720

    M.2 ssd not detected / notebook

    thanks for replaying sir how do i find out weather or not a notebook supports nvme if it's not stated on their website ?
  2. first of all i apologize for my bad English and for being a newbie with all pc parts stuff so please go easy on me so guys , i have an ASUS Zenbook Pro ux501jw (on model) and ux501j (on its box) . before buying the samsung 960 evo 250gb m.2 ssd , i visited asus website to check the compatibility i couldn't find any ux501j , so i entered my notebook's SN to register it and the website registered it as ux501jw . here is the model https://www.asus.com/Laptops/ASUS-ZenBook-Pro-UX501JW/specifications/ it says in the specs ( PCIE x 4 512G ) the problem is that mine comes with no ssd mounted but a 1tb HD anyway i bought the ssd after installing it (the attached pics) i couldn't find it on the disk manger nor on the bios i tried to google it , and looks like too many (not the same model) are having the same issue . i tried upgrading the bios tried turning it off and on again anyone got a solution here ? please help !