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  1. AVE-Services

    Getting Wifi from neighbour ?

    Sounds like you don't have permission to use that network..
  2. AVE-Services

    Floatplane acces, double payment, no response

    Why/How do you keep getting "kicked out"?
  3. AVE-Services

    EVGA Platinum Vs EVGa Gold, Why?

    It was all three cables, as soon as they were connected to the drives the PSU turned off. New cables are all good CPU wasn't thermal throttling going by the stress tests - when using my water cooling kit, temps were a lot nicer (in the 50C range while exporting) idle around 19C. Besides, I can't imagine a CPU throttling at 69C, especially as that was its peak temperate before dropping slightly Bare in mind, I'm rendering 150mbps 4K footage, around 3/4 hour file lengths. The CPU idles at a faster speed too, not just while rendering. The PSU isn't mounted in the case - airflow and temps have never been an issue, the temps above are purely because i'm running a bog standard cooler while testing again. Room temperate is around 13 deg C as its in my closed off concrete unit - Mobo/GPU/Drives etc all hang very low
  4. AVE-Services

    EVGA Platinum Vs EVGa Gold, Why?

    I've got the G2 and P2 *Edited first post to show the two full and correct models So, pinout is the same going by the cable you posted - both on the compat list
  5. AVE-Services

    EVGA Platinum Vs EVGa Gold, Why?

    I'm not entirely sure how you came to that conclusion - better efficiency, better components. There is a correlation between quality and efficiency - especially on power output capabilities. Right, so - how did I get the results that I found? the P2 gave worse results than the G2. This is my point. The spec says they're interchangeable, my pinout test also indicates they are the same. Also just realised that I pasted the wrong PSU model, which may explain your reply..! Should have been EVGA SuperNOVA 750 G2, 80+ GOLD 750W NOT GQ Oh man... I need to stop using my ipad to reply.. what a mess. Sorry all!
  6. AVE-Services

    EVGA Platinum Vs EVGa Gold, Why?

    We only had issues at one of our customers sites - in the office, we were unable to replicate the problem 100%. The only difference between office and our clients site was power - unstable power CAN cause all of the above. We replaced the PSU, and used a power conditioner - our problems were not as regular. We went from being unable to open any applications without constant reboots, to being able to hit stream and go live for 2-3 minutes. We then focused on the Graphics card, changing our GTX 760 to a GTX 1050ti. We then changed our RAM sticks, and removed all PCIE cards. We changed everything, other than the CPU and motherboard for obvious reasons. Power supply was first, being the cheapest, and most likely cause with the symptoms we faced. "EVGA Gold" or "EVGA Platinum" isn't a power supply, it's like saying "ASUS nVidia graphics card". No, but its a base model of quality/spec that EVGA sell - both were 750W versions, one Platinum grade and one gold grade. Full model EVGA SuperNOVA 750 P2, 80+ PLATINUM 750W EVGA SuperNOVA 750 G2 80+ GOLD 750W Power supply cables aren't interchangeable unless they explicitly say they are compatible between models and series. Always use the cables you got with the particular PSU if you aren't sure other cables are compatible. I'm unsure how or why EVGA would change the pin-out of a cable, in fact, I'm going to test each one to see - I very much doubt they'd do that. Mostly because it would in the end cost them more No need - EVGA already state they are interchangeable https://www.evga.com/products/product.aspx?pn=220-T2-0750-X1
  7. We've been having issues with one of our office PCs, it would randomly restart during broadcasts, lockup, freeze etc. It was a fault that was a pain to try and replicate, unless the system was being used for a critical project! We changed the PSU over to a EVGA Platinum, money wasn't an issue as long as it solved the problem. Unfortunately, the issue carried on and we ended up with an entirely new system (using the EVGA Platinum) So, onto the new setup... While rendering videos, our i7 8700k would reach around 69 deg C - occasionally switching off the whole system, but I don't think that was heat related as we've gone much higher without issue! So, I've swapped out the PSU again, this time for a EVGA Gold - the CPU now hangs around 56 deg C, on the same premier pro exports?! The system hasn't reset, doesn't seem to freeze up anymore and is generally more stable. When I was changing the PSU, keeping all the Platinum braided cables, we were able to get the motherboards LEDs to light up but nothing else - We've found that the platinum braided cables for SATA, didn't like the new Gold PSU. I'm confused about the results! Better CPU Temp Non-compatible PSU Cables Higher CPU speed This is not an over clocked setup, and all performance mods are disabled Did I have a failing PSU with a bad batch of cables?
  8. Why would you want this? Check refresh rates
  9. AVE-Services

    Screen Tearing and Low FPS

    Check background processes
  10. Check you’ve used the correct dimm slots and that your mobo can support 16gb per slot. check for bios updates too
  11. AVE-Services

    Display on top of center speaker??

    Depends if the screen is still a comfortable height when its on top of the speaker. I doubt it would cause any damage, unless it fell off - constantly
  12. AVE-Services

    External power for external hdd

    Should work, but your data lines would be unshielded and potentially causes unstable performance / data loss
  13. AVE-Services

    My screens randomly go black in games

    Unless that power strp has little minions running around patching the volts really slowly, I can't see how it would have made any difference.
  14. AVE-Services

    My screens randomly go black in games

    By on site, I mean my working site office. The system was used as a live streaming encoder inside a rack which moved between venues - we’ve since upgraded and moved away from PCs. I doubt that would make much difference, power supplies are not that susceptible to interference and they handle noise pretty well too. (unless it cost £10 from China special...!)
  15. AVE-Services

    My screens randomly go black in games

    I replaced the RAM, NIC, GFX, PSU and took all my sdi capture cards out (this was over the course of a few months, the shutdowns seemed random, but constant when on site) i ended up with an xvga 1000w model, around £150. **we also bought a power conditioner as it seemed like a case of dirty and fluctuating power. I reset the bios completely rather than just setting things individually, so far the system has been running for 3 months without any issues. I feel the problem started after I performed a bios update, perhaps a setting was messed up during the update and defaulting it set it straight trouble-shooting intermittent problems is horrible.