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  1. Your kinda the perfect example of what im talking about. Thanks
  2. Your right. im not thinking on a financial standpoint. what i meant was longterm respect in the field he's in. its hard to take him for more than a youtuber when his audience can define him. I know better, but still it's kinda true.
  3. Yeah, im pretty sure some kids not paying for it though.
  4. This comment is in regards to the GTX 1070ti video and the response to the quality of the upload. Do the attention span of a month kids who watch your videos even care about the content? Linus you wanna know why your channel is losing views? just do the research on an entire generation of kids, nothing stays as popular as it did even 10 years ago. unfortunately the demographic shown in your algorithm does not take into account the fact that a lot of these users watching your videos are also using an account created by a parent and modified to soot the preference of the user. Youtube looks at your channel not as a How to, but as something to direct kids and teenagers in the up next feed. i had to search your channel out just to find it again after creating the account, and i was subbed to you in the early days. In short. Youtube sees you as someone that appeals to a young generation. I personally tune in to keep up to date with whats new, im not here to insult you or demine your videos, but read the comments and you will see not by just the comment but by the responses they get from the people that sub to your channel. 85% of them have nothing to do with the video at hand.float plane at the very least will help separate some of the mature audience from the immature crowd giving us a chance to speak out mind and have comments seen.