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    A helpful rabbit in the costume of a computer.
  • Birthday 1991-06-21

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  • CPU
    Core I7 4770k (overclocked to 4.7ghz)
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte Z87X-UD3H
  • RAM
    G.Skill Ripjaws 16gb DDR3 1600 (overclocked)
  • GPU
    EVGA GTX 780 with acx cooler (overclocked)
  • Case
    Cooler master haf x
  • Storage
    250gb ssd, 2tb wd 7200rpm, 1tb old laptop drive, 320gb os backup drive, 80gb external weekly backup
  • PSU
    Seasonic SS-750KM3
  • Display(s)
    Acer 23" (primary) Old cheap 23" tv I had (secondary), 32" samsung tv (third) Samsung 55" 3d led tv (fourth [for movies])
  • Cooling
  • Keyboard
    Logitech G510s
  • Mouse
    Razer deathadder Chroma
  • Sound
    Cheap logitech speakers, homemade sub (4.1)
  • Operating System
    Windows 10
  1. So glad you guys know my system better than I do, better than the calculators and better than a killawatt Also glad my whole topic is completely being ignored, whilst I'm being told irrelevant bs from you guys. I come to this forum for help, I use to frequent this forum everyday trying to help. But now? Now if it's just this kind of stuff, I wonder what has this forum become. I'll find a solution elsewhere since competent people cannot be found here anymore.
  2. My system event viewer reported several random errors. Network card not working, sound driver not working, graphics driver crashing, not being able to assign an ip address, as well as stuttering. You could say the stuttering and graphic driver crashing were related to the graphics card. However it doesn't explain all the unrelated events that happened. If it wasn't related to the graphics card or the psu then why did all this resolve itself when I removed the graphics card? Removing the graphics card narrowed the issues down to two things. The graphics card or the psu. The psu is the cheapest and with everything considered, especially lights surging in my computer. It leads me to believe the power supply CANNOT provide enough power with the graphics card installed, when I removed the graphics card I reduced the load to the psu and all the issues were fixed. By the way, my system draws around 600w, you estimate of not even 400w is grossly miscalculated.
  3. I built my computer back in 2012 and it seems the power supply has gotten weaker. I had some severe stuttering on windows every couple seconds, after messing around it started to disable the sound, then the display drivers would keep crashing (according to the event log but I never seen a pop up that said they crashed) then it would not even boot. My led's would surge inside my case, get brighter and dimmer while the displays were black. So I took out my graphics card and everything seems to be working fine. Which leads me to believe the power supply has gotten so old it couldn't power the system anymore. As I don't have money to rebuild the whole system right now, even though it is outdated, I'm looking to swap power supplies and get one that has a little more power. I currently have a seasonic SS-750KM3 and I want to get the 850 model here. It looks like the same model, just higher wattage, but when looking at the pinouts in the specs it says the new one has as follows : 1 x Main connector (24Pin, 600mm) 1 x 4+4Pin EPS 12V (650mm)1 x 8Pin EPS 12V (650mm)5 x Peripheral10 x SATA1 x Floppy6 x PCI-E (600mm) My current power supply lists this : 1 x Main connector (20+4 Pin)1 x 4-Pin ATX 12V 2 x 8-Pin EPS 12V5 x Peripheral10 x SATA1 x Floppy5 x PCI-E I'm not sure what all ports I am using, but I don't really want to rewire the whole system for this. I don't know what the difference in 1x 4 pin atx and 1 4+4 pin etx is. Mainly the atx and etx part. I also am unsure about mine having 2x8-pin eps connectors but the new one has only 1? Any insight and help would be greatly appreciated. If worse comes to worse I'll just buy the same power supply I currently have, I just wanted to avoid this problem later down the road should I keep this system. Right now I am running my system without the graphics card installed so no gaming until I get this resolved. Intel graphics doesn't do too well with games.
  4. Check out iTools. It is an alternative to iTunes and I use it with my IOS devices. Removes all the annoying buggy crap that itunes offers and gives a drag and drop interface similar to android phones when adding your content to your device.
  5. I recently purchased a beginner helicopter, the thing is fun to fly. However one major drawback is it uses AA batteries, even worse, it has a charger built into the remote that uses those batteries to charge the li-po battery in the helicopter. After 8 hours worth of charging (40 minutes charge time, 10 minute fly time) the batteries are running low. As I don't want to replace the batteries every day or every other day I play with this thing, I got my mulitmeter out and measured the power it takes to charge the li-po battery in the helicopter. It was 4.89v, knowing cell phone chargers (the cheap ones I have) push 5v max I knew it would charge the helicopter. So I got to cutting wires, putting quick disconnects on the usb cable and the remote so I don't lose the mobile charging functionality, it now charges either through the wall or through the built in charger on the remote. However, when the battery is fully charged the remote eventually detects this and stops charging. I got to thinking the overcharge protection is probably built into the remote. Which means I could potentially overcharge the battery with my homemade charger if overcharge protection is not built into the charger. Which leads me to the question, is overcharge protection built into wall adapters or cell phones? Or is it a combination of the two? Could my method actually overcharge the battery leading to it overheating, eventually exploding?
  6. I have been on this forum for nearly a year now. Browsing everyday, helping many with the knowledge I have gained over the years. I have learned a lot, I have taught a lot. This forum has helped me with my problems and has been my friend over the past several months. However I have had a lot of bad happen to me in the time I have been here. I have lost an ex fiance, lost my job for the past 3 months. Had my truck totaled, which cost me $20k in debt. Forcing me to bankruptcy. I have went to jail for defending my grandmother from someone abusive and facing trial on that. I lost my house and all my will left that I had. My emotional state has went nowhere except downhill. From suicidal thoughts, to suicidal attempts. Struggling everyday just to stay awake and not sleep. I have lost muscle and gained weight, which I worked hard to lose. Nearly 100lbs worth which has all came back from the depression I suffer. Sleepless nights, mornings when I don't want to be awake and so much more. This forum has been my friend through it all though, coming here in the mornings to help someone has been about the only thing I have had the drive to do. But all that negative has caught up with me. I have been an ass, especially today. While I consider myself an asset with my knowledge, I'm also a hindrance in the current state I'm in. As such I have decided to leave these forums for good, at least till I get better which may never come. Some may have known my name, seen me around for a while. I know there's quite a few here who I have grown to respect and remember for their knowledge and posts. I have just decided it is better for me to leave and let someone else help the people I would have than me continue this way. I probably have driven some off this forum, stopped others from becoming dedicated members because of my actions and for that I am sorry. I truly feel bad for the way I have been and see this as the only reconciliation. Maybe one day I will come back here, maybe some I have grown to respect will still be around if that ever happens. But for now, I am cutting ties from this part of my life. I doubt I will go on to any better, but at least I wont bring anyone else down with me. I will still watch linus' videos and support him through youtube, this part just has to come to an end. I hope everyone here has a great time, learns everything they can and enjoys themselves the way I have. Farewell my friends. @Enderman I owe you an apology especially.
  7. You are truly a pompous, ignorant person. You want to stop talking, then don't reply. Simple as that.
  8. You have fun with your spelling, since you obviously are in kindergarten. As I said, had you put some effort in your first post and actually described the problem and your setup. Then it would have helped people out more. Now good day jackass.
  9. I updated my post to help you, because I misread. But if you're going to be a smartass then you get no help. You didn't say what monitors you had or how many, It took closer examination on your second picture to tell me. Had you been informative to start with you might would get more help, but you want to be a smartass, get treated like one. Now have fun with your problem.
  10. "I don't have any problems with my software/hardware so you're obviously doing something wrong, it's not the hardware/software itself causing the problem."
  11. Then it would be time to send in an rma request and have the manufacture replace it.
  12. use Link and its perfectly fine, but a lot of people aren't smart enough to get it working, so they call it a POS (like this guy ^^^) That is replying to me http://www.tomshardware.com/answers/id-2169989/h100i-corsair-link-led-problems.html http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=120957 http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=131067 http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/140245-corsair-link-problems/ http://www.sweclockers.com/forum/127-corsair/1283241-corsair-link-fan-controller-problem/ http://forums.guru3d.com/showthread.php?t=385897 Obviously I am the only one with these issues. :mellow: It works for you, you think there is no problems because it works for you. You are ignorant.
  13. Take your gpu out, plug your monitor into the motherboard to get a display. Use it like you normally would and see what happens. All you do after is put the gpu back in, connect your monitor back to it and you're done. No driver installs. Crystal Disk info is free and will tell you if the drive is going bad even if chkdsk doesn't say anything.
  14. Build a fully functional car out of legos. edit- put a pc inside the car or have it pc controlled