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  1. The fan noise is not that bad at all, all though Id recommend silent wings 3 as they are the quietest fans I have ever used. And they work just as well as the stock fans. At 4.0GHz and 1.38v, max temps are about 80c, and that is only on the 240.
  2. I have a 1950x clocked at 4.0Ghz. I use an enermax tr4 240. It stays relatively cool. It also covers the the entire ihs. I'd also recommend the 360.
  3. Memory is ram, I doubt you will be getting 256GB of ram in a computer, but if you mean storage, your boot drive just has to be big enough to hold your os.
  4. Sounds like a dead gpu to me. If everything works without it, and your psu is good enough for that card.