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  1. pixelirian

    collegue laptop

    And isnt scar ii better than gs65
  2. pixelirian

    collegue laptop

    T480s or x1 carbon ?
  3. pixelirian

    collegue laptop

    Sorry, no link of stores cause im going to Italy and idk any shops except official ones of those brands so yeah prices from Apple Italy, Lenovo Italy ..., im fine with weaker gpu but would like strong cpu
  4. pixelirian

    collegue laptop

    And yeah guys forgot to say that Build quality is so much important to me, i just like premium laptops thats thing with lg gram, i dont like that wobbling screen and chassis
  5. pixelirian

    collegue laptop

    I want like 6 hours of battery life and not more than 4lbs, ill be using it for music production, photoshop, coding from time to time and normal school things
  6. pixelirian

    collegue laptop

    Actually i cant get LG gram in my country ... but idk i prefer X1 carbon, trust me once u try thinkpad keyboard its just amazing, only thing i dont like about it is that i had like 2 thinkpads before and they just kinda bored me but yeah, my father is also always for Lenovo (IBM)
  7. pixelirian

    collegue laptop

    Hey thank you guys for answering btw i actually enjoy macbook keyboard idk i mean its far from the thinkpad but i think its good, im only worried about price of mac cause idk is it worth it like what is life expactency
  8. pixelirian

    collegue laptop

    Guys its my 18th birthday and next year im going to collegue and right now i have a 3000e budget to get a brand new laptop and right now idk which one to get, XPS 15, X1 Carbon, HP Spectre, HP Spectre 360x, Surface pro , MacBook pro 15, i really want a long lasting fast and reliable laptop, i was always a windows user but i finnaly cut my wish for games because i want to study more and because of that i heared that maclaptops are pretty good + u cannot even play games on them which is great, PLS HELP ( i dont want to spent all 3000e but if i have to its ok )
  9. Is plasticky build much worse ?
  10. Well idk as you wish i mean if it is available check it out but 1.5 kg difference for better performance and longetivity because of the thermals i think its worth it, but scar ii is also built good i mean its sturdy so yeah
  11. Only those 3 ... so which one you think is the best to get
  12. Oh and your right its actually 16 ram and can be upgraded to 16
  13. Budget: 2300e, i dont care for weight but less is better if thermals are good and battery life i dont care cause it would be on ac like all day
  14. Thats what i thought as well but trust me its worth THE THI CC because once you see thermals like under 60° both cpu and gpu ... except 90° on asus ... i think you should consider it and it has tb 3
  15. Yeah i got option to get omen 15 with the same specs like for 1850 e