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  1. I recently plugged in an old hard drive that I found laying around. I installed hard desk sential and I got this, Also on boot I get the S.M.A.R.T activated in the bios, is there i could relocate and fix the drive?
  2. An idea for a new sub forum : Tech scams We all get bombarded by lots of them everyday usually. and they seem to have lots of new ways to jebait people other than the good old 'Nigerian scam'. just finished reading a book about the scammers and how they operate. apparently they work in groups and they share all their assets together lots of them based out of southern Africa. so why not do the same, and start our own little sub forum where we disscus what methods they use. and we all will become a little more educated about the scams
  3. open back while give you kind of a open stage feel ,would not recommend if you have a noisy environment as people around you will hear what you are hearing easier and you will also hear them easier as for closed back that is any normal headphones
  4. i would try using the 960 in the new system just to double check that the issue is from the gpu , then i would try to return it and get another one as it might be a defect
  5. if i am not correct pretty sure AMD cups like the ram speed and the capacity shouldn't change anything as long as are not using it ,i would only recommend upgrading if you are running out of ram
  6. rn i am using the corsair hs 60 and i love it but it will give you fatigue if you use it for long periods of time pretty sure one of my friends got the razer kraken v2 and he says it is godly and way better than his hyper x cloud 2 he says he does not feel the weigh of it on his head and that the 7.1 surround in it ,is the best he tested
  7. even though you will put your os and main programs on the ssd i would recommend getting a 7400 rpm hhd instead of a 5400 as it might me too slow and take time when loading some tasks, would also recommend getting a core i7 8700k instead of a non k and maybe asking again on how you can overclock it so you get better performance
  8. if you are buying a gtx 1070 and worried about he power delivery ,yes a 500 watt psu should be enough ,but i guess if you are at full load on both the cpu and GPU would recommend maybe a 700 watt just so you have some headroom
  9. i mean how many watts does ur current psu deliver and how much do u use now without the gpu
  10. but are u sure if i get that switch and connect the mac and printers via Ethernet it will work?
  11. one of the printers is Epson and when i tried to connect it to the network and have the mac on the same network i kept trying and the mac would not detect it wirelessly even though i already set up the drivers of the printer on the mac .that is why i am buying a switch
  12. hi there i am new to the networking stuff and in my school i have this setup of 4 macs and 4 printers ,my plan is to buy a network switch and connect the 4 i macs and the 4 printers i have . so that i am able to print from any mac to any printer i went on amazon and found this network switch : https://www.amazon.ca/TP-Link-TL-SG108-1000Mbps-Desktop-Gigabit/dp/B00A121WN6/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1546888663&sr=8-5&keywords=Ethernet+switch was wondering if i plug all the mac and printers via Ethernet will it work ? or not or if there is any easier or better way i can do this .thx in advance
  13. na the new one is good should last a couple of years easily
  14. if your going to high setting s i would ptobs not go lower than a 960m or a gtx 1050 as for the cpu ataleast 4 th gen i7 or 5th gen core i5