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  1. I’ve been doing a bit of research on quiet AIO coolers but can’t make my mind up. I’m looking for something that is compatible with the NZXT G12 GPU bracket, which rules out companies like Be Quiet (was originally interested in the Silent Loop Line). So I’ve basically narrowed down my list to the H100i v2, H115i, New H100i and the NZXT line (x52, etc). I’ve got a few Silent Wings 3 fans so I’m gonna be replacing the stock fans so I’m primarily just asking about pump noise- what would you recommend as the quietest AIO for this particular setup? Thanks for the help!
  2. Thanks for the reply. I think I'm gonna just spend a day or so just using the system normally whilst checking temps. If it gets a bit too high then I think I might try swapping the positioning to the top and see if that helps out. Thanks
  3. I just installed the EK A240g kit. I have a Define R5 case and have the rad mounted in the front. At the moment I have the fans on the exterior part of the rad, pushing air through it. Directly behind the rad is the pump/reservoir combo. I have a few questions regarding this setup. Obviously the case is getting quite hot due to the fact that cool air is being brought in, heated, and then expelled into the case. Is this the most optimum way to position the rad? Also, does the fact that the pump/reservoir is directly behind this boiling hot radiator have any impact on cooling. I don't know all that much and have just followed the instructions in the manual but it seems to me as though this excess heat would warm up the liquid in the reservoir even more. Would you suggest that I re position the radiator?
  4. Yeah it is. Ok, hasn't yet arrived so I haven't tested them but I've read from some people that they can be loud, so I wanted to prepare for that. I'll wait till it arrives then give it a test.
  5. Hey! I'm looking for replacement 120mm fans for a 240mm rad. Ideally I want something that's quiet but also cool. The NF-F12's meet the mark on silence but I'm not sure if they are the best for the job- does anyone have any experience with them on a low-medium thickness rad, or have any other suggestions? The key thing is that I want them to be quiet whilst not compromising too much on airflow.
  6. Just wondering if anyone knows if the EVGA 1080ti SC2 has the same PCB as the EVGA 1080ti SC Black? I've had a look online a pics, but can't really tell the difference. I want to know because I need to see if a Titan XP aluminum waterblock will fit on it. EDIT: I believe it is different. rip https://www.reddit.com/r/watercooling/comments/6ck1c4/advice_on_evga_1080_ti_sc2_card_water_block/
  7. The issue is: if I have the fan speed to a point where I find it to be 'quiet', the card runs at 83+ degrees. When I set it to what I consider to be 'loud' it runs around 70-75 degrees.
  8. I was recently watching the below video when I thought I might try out the option of mounting 2x 120mm fans on my non-reference GTX 1080. Although temps are fine, I don't like the noise. I know everyone says NF-F12s are king, but are they genuinely the best option for this kind of scenario?- also, I've heard that past ~1000 rpm you start to hear them, so I'm wondering, having never had any experience with them, if I could run the fans at ~800rpm so as to optimize noise but not impede on thermals? (wish they discussed this in the LTT video). If you have any other fan recommendations this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks