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  1. I seem to have found a solution. There's an app called PDP Control Hub that allows remapping of the trigger buttons but it requires me to purchase a PDP controller. I'll give it another go with the regular controller and try and get used to it over the next day otherwise I'll get a PDP controller. On a plus side they are cheaper than the regular Xbox ones.
  2. Yeh this game only gives 2 options, none of which suit me.
  3. How do I use that on my Xbox One S?
  4. I'm very new to Xbox. The last console I owned was the GameCube and one of my favourite games was Crash Nitro Kart so as you can imagine I went out and bought Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled with an Xbox One S. I got home and set everything up and realised I can't control the player properly because poweslide is LB and RB, instead of LT and RT. The in-game controller option doesn't allow me to switch these buttons. Every other button is fine, I just want these ones switched. It feels very uncomfortable to play and unnatural, I simply can't play it. I read the Xbox One S comes with a built-in app to remap buttons but it applies to the entire system and all games unless you change it back and I only want to remap the buttons for this one game. I've actually emailed the developers to give me this option in the next patch but who knows if they'll listen. Anybody know of an app that will allow me to remap LB and RB to LT and RT just for this one game?
  5. I've been using GoDaddy for years and starting to realise they're marketing scammers after I heard my dad buy into all the bullshit the GoDaddy employee was up-selling to my dad. First it was the security certificate, then the GoDaddy managed security certificate because the security certificate by itself wasn't working, but that doesn't cover Malware so you need to buy that as well. He would have bought it all had I not cut the conversation off. And it's the same guy from GoDaddy calling every time to sell something. Does anybody else here think they're scammers? So yeah looking for an alternative- possibly Google?
  6. eyeangle

    Do I need screws for my SSD?

    I have heaps of them- just PM me your snail mail address and I'll post you 4 for free. This size will fit any 2.5" SSD, but I also have the #6-32 UNC screws for 3.5" HDDs if you need those too.
  7. oh I see to avoid shorts on the boards
  8. Awesome guys- thanks for your help. So why are thermal pads used in this case?
  9. I want to use these caddies with an SSD but when I removed the VelociRaptor hard drives, this stuff was underneath. The bottoms of the hard drives were also a little sticky with some kind of leftover residue.
  10. Only a few years ago, sometime after the purchase of HGST by WD, I called the main computer shops in my city and asked if they sold any Toshiba hard drives. Most of them replied, "Toshiba hard drive? We don't sell Toshiba hard drives, why would you want one? Seagate and WD are the main HDD brands." I ended up purchasing a Toshiba MD04ACA400 from a computer parts retailer in my city, just over 20km from where I live. Other than this shop, Toshiba HDDs were hard to come by in my city. I had owned Seagate and WD over the years and had both fail on me and wanted to try something new and to my surprise the Toshiba HDD was cheaper than the others in cost-per-gigabyte. Nowadays with Toshiba's P300 and X300 series they are competing with Seagate and WD. How do you think Toshiba has done it from barely being heard of just a few years ago and do you own a Toshiba HDD?
  11. eyeangle

    Are these caddies SATA 3?

    Oh damn! I just realised my Mac Pro 5,1 that I tested these on is only SATA 2 so it has been a failed experiment. I'll have to get a SATA 3 Windows PC to test.
  12. eyeangle

    Are these caddies SATA 3?

    Are these 2.5" to 3.5" caddies SATA 3? I did some speed tests using a 240GB WD Green SSD and I'm getting under 300MB/s reads and writes. I've removed the caddy head on one of them so you can read what was underneath. You can see the silver caddy part number and the black one is a western digital velociraptor caddy. If these caddy heads are indeed SATA 2 can you guys tell me where to buy SATA 3 caddy heads that will fit these caddies.
  13. I just bought my folks a refurbished Dell OptiPlex 9020 Mini-Tower. It doesn't come with a GPU but has 2xDisplayPort on the rear IO. Looking through the manual I can see it has Intel HD Graphics 4600. I have a spare Gigabyte Radeon RX 560 4GB that I was using in my MacPro 5,1 for about a year before it started glitching up. This would happen 2-3 times a day. See pictures below: When this would happen it would freeze the whole Mac Pro up and I'd have to do a hard reset. I ended up replacing this GPU with a Sapphire of the same model and haven't had any problems with my Mac Pro since. So my question is this, is it worth putting the glitchy RX 560 in the Dell if there's a way to troubleshoot the problem in Windows 10? Can I somehow format the software on the GPU? (If that's even and thing, I don't know). The problem could be something physically wrong with the card but it doesn't look any different from when I bought it and it's never been dropped or damaged that way. When I bought this GPU at the shop it was open box and they only had one. They said they had "tested it" to see if it worked, whatever that means. The glitches didn't start until a year later and I had lost the receipt to get a replacement. My parents won't be doing any hardcore gaming, only using the PC for internet browsing and photos, and watching videos occasionally. Their monitor is 27" 2560x1440. Are there any benefits to using the Gigabyte RX 460 over the Intel HD Graphics 4600 if I can figure out a way to fix it? What's your opinion, worth installing and fixing or not?
  14. The reason I ask is because I'm upgrading my parents PC which is still running Vista. It's an old terribly slow PC from who knows when and I feel so bad for not doing it earlier but they've wanted to hold on to it for so long and they live in the country so I don't get up there often. They both have modern laptops so it hasn't been a big rush but it's something I've been meaning to do. I'm assisting them buying a brand new Mico ATX case/CPU/SSD/PSU/RAM/Motherboard. I'm going to clone their Windows Vista HDD to the new SSD and then upgrade it to Windows 7 (avoiding a clean install, ), then maybe to 10 if they want it. So I'm trying to figure out the order which will work, hence I need to know if Windows Vista will run on an Intel Core i3 8100? They don't play games or do any heavy lifting so I've bought a motherboard with HDMI out and not a graphics card. (It's mainly used for photos). Below is a table of what I'm buying them: Currency: Australian Dollar (AUD)
  15. Thanks guys for your help. After a close inspection of the video I can see that he changes the Boot Mode from CSM to UEFI. What does this do?? Then he changes Secure Boot from Disabled to Enabled. ??