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  1. I was wondering whether this (Subwoofer out --> receiver --> passive sub) would be possible. I'm on a budget so I can't afford buying an active sub to hook up to the soundbar, which only has subwoofer out, but I do have a receiver and passive sub that works on that receiver. I was thinking of buying a cable that either went from subwoofer out --> 3.5 mm, or subwoofer out --> stereo rca (and then a cable: stereo rca --> audio jack). I'm fine with a bit of distortion. The sub will only be meant is complimentary to the listening experience and not be centre stage, but I'm wondering if it'd work. If you need more specs, just ask.
  2. Thanks a lot for the input and clear explanation. Unfortunately it only makes it worse when it comes to the output of the code, so I'm leaving the bug as it is, especially since I have to start handing in my assignment.
  3. Yes, but that int is determined by taking the length of the decryptedmessage, which then also defines the length of the paddedmessage. Could it be something to do with: int originalLen = strlen((const char*)decryptedmessage); int lenOfPaddedMessage = originalLen;
  4. I'm sorry, but what do you mean by that? I'm a noob remember X<
  5. unsigned char* decryptedmessage = new unsigned char[LenOfPaddedMessage]; for (int i = 0; i < LenOfPaddedMessage; i++) { decryptedmessage[i] = encryptedmessage2[i]; } for (int i = 0; i < LenOfPaddedMessage; i += 16) { AES_Decrypt(decryptedmessage + i, inputkey); } cout << endl << endl; cout << "\nDecrypted message:" << endl; for (int i = 0; i < LenOfPaddedMessage; i++) { cout << decryptedmessage[i]; } cout << endl << endl; string AnswerYesNo; // een test/encryptie module cout << "\nType 'yes' if you wish to encrypt the message, answer 'no' if not: "; getline(cin, AnswerYesNo); int AnswerLength; AnswerLength = AnswerYesNo.length(); if (AnswerLength == 3) { int originalLen = strlen((const char*)decryptedmessage); int lenOfPaddedMessage = originalLen; if (lenOfPaddedMessage % 16 != 0) lenOfPaddedMessage = (lenOfPaddedMessage / 16 + 1) * 16; unsigned char* paddedMessage = new unsigned char[lenOfPaddedMessage]; for (int x = 0; x < lenOfPaddedMessage; x++) { if (x >= originalLen) paddedMessage[x] = 0; else paddedMessage[x] = decryptedmessage[x]; } Hi guys this is Austin, I'm having a problem with my C++ project for school (it's making AES, if you're wondering). I'm a massive noob when it comes to coding, let alone C languages, so please have mercy on my soul. The problem I'm having is in the second to last line: "... else paddedMessage[x] = decryptedmessage[x];" The warning Visual gives me is coded C6385. Of course I've looked this up and I understand what the problem might be, but I can't seem to figure out the cause of it. I suspect it's something to do "decryptedmessage", but I'm not sure.The code listed above isn't the entire code (that's something like 600 lines: too much for this post I suppose, but if you need it, just ask), I've chosen to take the code from the 'birth' of decryptedmessage until the error. If you need more, once again, just ask. I'm sorry for my awful description of the problem and I know I'm a horrible noob. Please help me out, it would mean a lot. Thanks in advance.
  6. Good news! I have fixed it. After watching a sketchy Slovenian tech-youtuber list me three options to fix this I decided that the memory swap wouldn't hurt. With this I mean a quite literal memory swap: you take stick 1 out of slot 1 and stick 2 out of slot 2 and then put stick 1 in slot 2 and stick 2 in slot 1. Then I booted, went into the bios and reconfigured my XMP-profile. badabiembadaboem. IT WORKS! Proof of my caveman solution (with the ltt window so I couldn't have faked it):
  7. Hi guys, my PC has been working just fine for quite a while, but today for some reason in windows my ram settings have changed: only 7,9 gbs are available as normal ram. The other 8,1 gbs have turned into hardware reserved ram for no reason. I also saw that my memory speed is at 2133 Mhz instead of the normal 3000 Mhz. My settings in the bios haven't changed (it's still got XMP enabled and is supposed to run at 3000 Mhz according to my bios). Nothing has happened with my computer as far as I'm aware, it must've happened today since I experienced some instability in minecraft today, but not yesterday (Minecraft's got 8 gbs dedicated in the settings and that's a problem if it's only got 4 gbs). So, my question for you guys: what's happened with my ram, and how to fix it? Thanks in advance. Specs: Ryzen 2600x 2x8 gbs of corsair vengeance ram (3000 Mhz) Aorus B450 elite gaming motherboard (rtx 2060; 60 gb ssd; etc.) Task manager window at this time:
  8. Hi guys, I'm fixing someone's PC. The guy complained that his PC wouldn't boot to the 'right windows' anymore (it booted to Vista when I tried it; he said he had win10 on it). Now, win10 was installed on the SSD and vista on the HDD. The SSD was properly installed and plugged in, but it didn't show up in the bios of the OG PC. Then I went ahead and put the SSD in my own PC with my own cables to check if it'd show up there. It didn't. My question to you guys: how many dead SATA cables may I have (they're not very high quality, but last time I used they worked fine + I already dusted the connector) or is this SSD bust (it was secondhand bought a few months ago, but I haven't heard of any horror stories like this one). Thanks in advance, hope to hear from someone soon. EDIT: I've tried 3 SATA cables so far. EDIT 2: It's officially dead.
  9. Nope, no overclocks. I have tried re-installing the game, but that yielded no results.
  10. I couldn't even get into a single match, I've tried three times, and all three times my game has crashed. I've had similar problems with this game before. It ain't my PC, because that bad boy is doing just fine in everything else I throw at it. Does any one have any suggestions for what might be fucking up this game so badly? The devs? Ea?
  11. I don't think we understand each other. Doesn't really matter, because I'm recommending the 1660 either way.
  12. Now, how will a 3770 bottleneck an rx570.
  13. The i7 3770, will be bottlenecked by an rx 570 (also, BF5 on an rx570 seems like a bad investment, especially if you're looking 2 years ahead). I myself had an i7 2600 + gtx 970 (gtx 970 = ~rx580 -depends on the game), by this logic the i7 3770 will not bottleneck an rx580 or an rx590. Now, I think, especially with your golden electricity, the gtx 1660 will be the best. If I'm to guess, the 1660 will be bottlenecked a little bit by the i7-3770, but not by much. Edit: note: the i7 2600 did not bottleneck the gtx 970.
  14. Aight chief, choose the ryzen 7 model. You aren't going to be doing heavy AutoCAD on either, but it's possible. If it is possible, you can upgrade to 16 gigs later.
  15. The left laptop for sure, mainly because it has SSD storage and quite a bit extra CPU headroom. You aren't going to be using more then 8gb with gaming on this laptop. Middleload to heavyload video editing isn't really gonna work out either way, so just stick with 8 gb ram laptop that has the better CPU and storage. If you want more specific advice tell us what you're gonna be doing with the laptop.
  16. have you tried rebooting your PC? Maybe try install the installation media from the win10 website again. Also, make sure you have enought storage space, that can also reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally slow down that software and prevent it from working normally (this includes having just enough storage). If you have struggles with getting extra storage you can contact microsoft support, they've helped me out when I couldn't upgrade from win10 1803 to 1903, because I couldn't clear up enough space. Btw, in case you think you can't just stop it, you can as far as I'm aware. When you try to close the window it should go ahead and fix anything it broke (I've had to break off the same software when using it on a USB in the same stage and that fixed itself). If it still doesn't work you can either A: throw the device out of the window, or B: contact microsoft support.
  17. No. B250 mobo's go up to 7th gen intel processors.
  18. Yes, that's why you really shouldn't want a power outage while your PC is on and directly plugged into the wall. When you force a shutdown it is actually a bit more gracefull as far as I'm aware.
  19. As a general rule of thumb, do not disconnect anything inside the PC as long as it's one and/or plugged into the wall.
  20. If you really need lots of powahhh, the best on a semi-low budget is get a ryzen 1700 secondhand (120 euros in the Netherlands). Else go for an older i7. Really depends on your exact budget and 2nd hand market. Edit: nvm. You need to get more money first or try and get a platform you can gradually upgrade. You CAN start with a low performance CPU, because programs like greenfoot and notepad++ don't use a whole lot of CPU power.
  21. No, you should be fine. I usually even use wet cleaning cloths that are waterbased and it's fine.
  22. Sekrut 1100-series confirmed? Maybe remove the 980 and only have the rtx 2080 + a clean driver install could help out.
  23. Not a whole lot of details, so here's a vague sketch to get you on the way. Either go with a ryzen 5 3600x or ryzen 7 model depending on your workload (gaming or next to gaming also video editing and multicore workloads) Bequited dark rock cooler for the r7 and for the r5 a pure rock. Get an X570 asus strix mobo, cuz ya can't go wrong with those. 2 x 8 gbs or 4 x 4 gbs of 3600 Mhz ram if your budget allows it and do not go below 3000 Mhzs. Depending on your workload I recommend either gtx 1660 if you don't plan on gaming, but I assume you will, so go for an rtx 2070 -supe- if your budget allows it. 128 gb SSD for Win10 and frequently used programs such as chrome and word. HDD for mass storage ATX case. PSU that can handle the required power draw from your system, get like a corsair CX series -the newer ones- PSU. (I dunno a whole lot about PSUs so feel free to post a new topic once you got your other components sorted out).
  24. Plug them into your PC directly for now. When you have the budget get an AMP or DAC AMP. You'll already start hearing a clear difference when buying DAC AMPs from around 50 - 60 euros (that'd be 55 - 65 US dollars). This difference does depend on how good your headphones are.