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  1. but then how do i turn dhcp off from there with no internet connection
  2. Hello I want to turn my old router into a switch for my second pc and any other future devices to be connected to. I know i need to turn DHCP off but i can't figure out how to. Ive tried going to but it takes me to my current routers site and when i plug in my old router and search that address or 0.0 instead it shows that i have no internet so i can't get onto it. Its probably a very easy fix and im just missing something obvious but if someone cloud give us a hand and guide me where to go that would be great Thanks in advance guys
  3. Didn't work. Think im going to return it and try something else. Thanks for the help
  4. yeah i did, the wording was slightly diffrent to yours but i found my way there, thank you. Ill let you know how that goes
  5. can i disable windows from downloading the drivers by any chance?
  6. Yes i can boot into safe mode and it doesn't freeze, so that rules out a hardware failure i think. I didn't see windows 10 in the listed compatiable OS' on the driver website. The model number of the network card is TL-WN751ND V1
  7. Hello Recently ive put together a second computer with some spare parts and a couple of new ones. I did a fresh install of windows the other day and have been using a wireless dongle for an internet connection up until now. I installed a tp link 150mpbs network card and as a result it freezes my pc when loading into windows. I know this is the problem because i took it out and it loaded fine. I also did another fresh install of windows and it changed nothing Any body know if its an easy fix or if not, im thinking its a hardware fault with it. Thanks in advance
  8. Yeah like you said. Its still really good but everyone always want the best out of their system
  9. Im thinking about maybe getting the EK custom 240G kit that they do but i don't know. Guess ill see Thank you
  10. 80 isnt the average and that is under 100% load. I almost never have 100% on my CPU when all i do i game 4800mhz wasnt much different at all. Only about 3-5 degrees in difference and the max cpu temps are exactly the same
  11. Don't 8700k's run pretty hot regardless? im using air cooled with some pretty rubbish airflow fans atm ( which is next and last on the list for an upgrade )
  12. Hello I managed to get 4900Mhz at 1,25V on my CPU and was wondering if you guys could have a look at some of the stats E.G: voltage, temps ETC. Just to make sure that everything looks okay. Also when i try to set core speed to 5000mhz no matter what voltage i set it to (1.280-1.350v) Aida 64 stops the stress test and gives me the error, Hardware failure? Im very happy with my 4.9Ghz OC but i was just wondering why this happens? Screenshot:
  13. X264 Update, It happens when i have obs open on my second monitor, but that still never happened before
  14. Hello. Since ive upgraded to a 8700k ive been wanting to stream my games a lot more than i did before. So i start the streaming using obs and when ever i go into the game my fps is normal and the stream looks good but the refresh rate seems to drop to 60Hz. This was never a problem before i upgraded my monitor and my cpu from a i7 4790 to a 8700k and from 60hz to 144hz. I stream using obs and i on twitch. Any infomation you guys need, maybe about display settings or obs settings just let me know Thanks in advance