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  1. In one of the more recent LTT videos, Linus and team proved you could at least technically use Crypto mining cards for gaming. Maybe it's a dumb question but here it is. My question is, can you use several of these cards for a fairly cheap GPU render farm? If so, how would you set it up? Here's the video for context.
  2. I was wondering If I should buy a 1080 or a 1080ti. The 1080 is better in my price range. However, my friend is willing to sell me ONE of his 1080ti's for $600. He bought it right after it released. He likes to use it for 4K games. Basically any and all AAA titles that come out. Currently he is using (or trying) to use duo 1080ti's in SLI for all his games, despite the lack of support. Honestly if it were someone else I would have no problem buying it. It's his first build and knows next to diddly shit about computers but he's super proud of it. I might if I knew he would be able to maintain the same experience he has now. In a way, I kinda feel bad. Should I go for the 1080 or my friends 1080ti?