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  1. Pretty much nailed it! Thanks your awesome much appreciate your help. I'm pretty good with tech usually but when it's for work, it's always best to double check to not endup in trouble! This is exactly what I was hoping to get and you provided in a stellar way!
  2. Awesome, but I thought the 3900x and 3950x needed watercooling AIO style?
  3. Thanks @Juular, Well the canadian supply of 3950x is low at the moment but hoping it will be better after the holidays. You can slap a 3900x for now thought and when comes purchase time ill change it for 3950x depending on pricing. 500gb to 1tb ssd , 2 tb of storage, most of it is on the NAS anyways, just need my vhds on the ssd. For aesthetics I don't give any care this is going in the server room, constant 20C in there anyways so yep. Looking for the most horsepower for the buck. Thanks
  4. I'm looking to build a 3950x work station. This machine will mainly be used to host virtual machines. I saw that Dell has some fancy Alienware with 3950x. But I think I can build something for much cheaper. I can get by with a 1030GT. I'm thinking 32gb ram. I tried using PC parts picker but I had a hard time knowing if everything would work together. Budget is sub 3k Canadian. If someone could help me cobble something together or point me to an affordable system builder would be much appreciated. This is for a business environment. Thanks
  5. What power supply and case you have can you post a picture?
  6. I dont think there is a low profile version of this card,
  7. What country are you located in? This will help narrow down your options. In the mean time another user on this forum recently got this and it seems decent: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33014189507.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.79a241bcUVQREh&algo_pvid=c5820a27-68e3-4cfe-a8f8-3a36d01e3101&algo_expid=c5820a27-68e3-4cfe-a8f8-3a36d01e3101-8&btsid=b4cb844e-bd78-4068-bf7e-b66a13ee78b6&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_4,searchweb201603_52 Seems to get 45-50 fps in fallout 4 on high so can do some gaming for sure.
  8. I highly recommend if you can get a 1050ti low profile much better performance, is slightly more expensive yes but sooooooooo much better! Good luck!
  9. Honestly I'd buy a used 580. I recently bought one for 75USD and then upgrade when the need arises and spend money on a better cpu or keep it for a future upgrade. 90% of the 580s on the used market still have a bit left of the manufacturers warranty so that is all good if you need to have them look at it if you have issues Also since your getting a beefy video card make sure TO GET A QUALITY POWER SUPPLY FROM A REPUTABLE BRAND. Or you may have some problems or even a fire on your hand. Also these card are physically BIG make sure it fits in your case before buying! Goodluck!
  10. 85C is a bit high and my cards start crashing arround 87C. High temps under load are sadly expected without undervolting for this card but ive rarely seen over 80C. You'd want to set a new fan curve to keep those temps in check I like afterburner or wattman. This should imporve temps.
  11. @nem0123 is this a used card? Can you tell me the core clock and memory clock? Are the fans spinning ok? Is the card on stock firmware? Did you try adjusting the fan curve?
  12. I saw a few open box 2070's for 450 that might be interesting also!
  13. If all else fails RMA the card, you'll most likely end up getting a 1080ti back which would be a great upgrade!
  14. This is probably a gigabyte card. rx480 would be out of warranty at this time. best bet is to replace the fan from ebay or aliexpress in my opinion.