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  1. Sry, you are right!! I wrote it down thinking I remembered correctly but obviously I didn’t!! Thanks for spotting my mistake!
  2. Senseh

    I want to buy one 2080 ti which is better/

    I dont think so! Runs perfectly fine on air!! Even when oced!
  3. Senseh

    I want to buy one 2080 ti which is better/

    Ftw3 ultra has a better cooler, 3 fans instead of 2.. because of that it runs cooler and boost clocks go higher. Also it should be quieter than the xc.. The ftw 3 ultra is the flagship model of evgas product lineup but saying that and from what I’ve heard, in the end they perform all pretty much the same.. only minor performance differences
  4. Senseh

    I want to buy one 2080 ti which is better/

    yes, runs like a dream!!
  5. Senseh

    I want to buy one 2080 ti which is better/

    got the ftw3 ultra and must say very pleased with it! temps stay at 55-60 C and und runs at around 2065 mhz without ocing it!! would recommend
  6. My dear workhorse, reaching its limits though Case: Corsair 330R MB: Msi Z170 Gaming M7 CPU: I7 6700 non k **Edited** Cooler: Noctua NH-U14S GPU: Evga FTW 3 Ultra 2080ti Memory: 32gb Corsair 2800mhz CL 16 1x 1 TB Samsung 860 Evo 1x 2 TB Samsung 860 Evo 1x 1 TB Sandisk M2 ssd 2x 8 TB Hdds 2x 12 TB Hdds PciE Sata Card / 2 slots PSU: Corsair HX850i And fans, some in wierd places Monitor: Dell UP2718Q Headphones: AKG K712Pros
  7. I’ll go for it and let you know how it turned out!!
  8. Just stumbled across this and wondered if it would make sense to get this as a switch - https://www.asus.com/uk/Networking/XG-U2008/ could be useful to connect the nas and my main work rig via 10 gig ethernet.. any thoughts? Cheers, Franz
  9. @Electronics Wizardy @Ryan_Vickers Turns out that the external Seagate Drive was faulty. Just switched to another external ssme model seagate drive and now it is copying at a blazing 150mbs using the standard copy to function in ubuntu.. will return the newly bought one tomorrow.. Thanks for your thoughts and help on this!!
  10. I see.. It will have to happen slowly then.. thanks for your advice !! really appreciated!
  11. ubuntu was my quick first thought of running an OS from a usb stick, since windows is bricked which only left me with that or the command prompt. internal WD Red 8TB to external Seagate 8TB What do you mean with dd?
  12. @Electronics Wizardy forgot to tag your name!
  13. I see, so I would need to find a way of either finding a command prompt solution or trying to get a disc image done in ubuntu to achieve that kind of write speed.. I'll look into it and see what i can find out! Thanks!!
  14. @Ryan_Vickers Which Robocopy command would you suggest using for what you just wrote? It sounds like the perfect solution to my problem..