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    Electronics, Music, Games, etc.


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    Core 2 Quad Q9400
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    Asrock G41M-VS3 R2.0
  • RAM
    2x2 GB 1333 Mhz DDR3 Kingston
  • GPU
    GTX 460 SE
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    some noname
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    120 GB + 300 GB HDD
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    Corsair VS550
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    Dell 17' 5:4 screen
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    Spartan 3 LT
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    Tracer Enduro
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    Tracer Battle Heroes Killer
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    Windows 10 Home 64-bit

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  1. I have a strange problem with the battery in the HP Pavilion dv6500 laptop. Some days ago I got dv6700 with a damaged BGA so that I could descrew for fun. I noticed that there is a battery in it. So I put it into my DV6500. And here the problems began. Under linux, I normally charged it to around 70%. The next day, when I turned on the laptop, I had only 12%, where after a while there was an alert about low battery status. Now, when I started to test the battery under Windows, it loads very long and very strange. The program for monitoring the battery status says that the battery "disconnects" from charging every minute and starts charging again. Currently, about 7% charged for an hour and I do not know what may be the reason for such a slow charging. In addition, the same program claims that the battery has not been charged (battery cycle). I am adding 2 information screens, maybe it will give something. (battery is original)
  2. Hi, I have a problem with installing LineageOS on Huawei Y560-L01. I'm stuck in the bootloader unlocking stage. When I enter the command to unlock the bootloader, the error "OEM unlock is not allowed" pops up even though it is enabled in the programming options. I have read that this is done by the system version named B046. I am now trying to downgrade the android to B040 via update from external sdcard, but I get the error "Can not install this package. Error (Status 7)). What should I do now? neither can I try to android or upload twrp. Im giving links to what I'm using: https://forum.xda-developers.com/android/development/recovery-twrp-huawei-y5-t3279477 Android file: (if you click it will download rom, name of it is HUAWEI_Y560-L01_Firmware_V100R001C577B040_Europe) http://download-c.huawei.com/download/downloadCenter?downloadId=56623&version=179931&siteCode=at
  3. So it's not that easy as i thought The license will not be a problem, because i don't know exactly when, but i will get the Imagine Program access, so i will have two licences. Actually the one drive i still have as unused is 120 GB Sata I drive, so i think windows 10 on it will work very slow, and that's what i wan't to see.
  4. so upgrade to second drive will not work?
  5. Hello there. Since there are still few days to update to Windows 10, i wanted to update my Windows 7 to Windows 10. I wouldn't write if i just wan't to update it to Windows 10 and lose the Windows 7. Question is: Can i upgrade to Windows 10, and not lose Windows 7? Something like making dual OS. Currently i have 1TB Drive, with 2 partitions. First is for OS (240GB) and second is for Files (573GB). Will it work, if i cut partition with OS in half (so 120/120) and install the upgrade on the second partition the Windows 10? (If it's even possible :p) I don't know from what i can start
  6. Kapejog

    Trying to made WAN to LAN working

    yeah, but just made it work properly, thanks for help anyway
  7. Kapejog

    Trying to made WAN to LAN working

    Turning off DHCP ends in that i cant connect to router via wifi or lan And i needed to reset the settings.
  8. Kapejog

    Trying to made WAN to LAN working

    Will it work as i want it to work?
  9. Kapejog

    Trying to made WAN to LAN working

    Tried to set from 101 to 150,151 to 200, same error.
  10. Hello. I recently got an TP-Link WR841N router, and i thinked about connecting my first router (Huawei B315) to speedup the internet a little bit. I actually have problems to configure IP's to work. I'm doing all steps from this tutorial, and im getting now a little bit mindfu*ked. In the tutorial the ip's of first router is Mine first router ip is (Huawei). Second router ip is (TP-Link). I set the first router DHCP IP's from to (Picture 1). Then i went to second router and changed WAN IP to, subnet mask to and gateway to (DNS are set to google DNS). Then i stuck on step 7 of the tutorial. As it says: I set my DHCP IP's to and it showed my error 2005: "Bad IP address pool (the Starting or Ending IP address), please input another one." At this point i don't know to configure it properly. Can someone help me and say how to configure these ip's? I'm not good at router configuration, sadly
  11. Ok, so its working perfectly Already checked it at Cinebench and some games, and the boost is very visable Thanks for all help.
  12. I realy dont want to again buy an Xeon. I had one mobo with Xeon, but it didn't went well, sadly I ordered C2Q at Friday
  13. Ok, so thanks for all responds, now im gonna wait until my CPU arrive and gonna reply if everything went ok
  14. yeah,it only can ask to reactivate after an mobo change/drive change. (i think)
  15. So it will be good if i link my windows 10 copy to Microsoft account for "backup" plan and make an Windows 10 bootable pendrive? (at least i dont want to reinstall system, because i have too much important stuff :v )