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  1. Yeah, you're right might as well try it.
  2. Hi guys! I'm currently getting recked by an NVME ssd that won't let me post so I thought to myself "maybe updating the BIOS via flashdrive would work". There's one problem: asrock recommends downloading some amd drivers before updating the bios, but i can't do this because i don't have windows installed yet. Any way to overcome this problem?
  3. At the moment I can't even access the bios so updating it would be hard. Furthermore on the asrock website it says I shouldn't update the bios before installing certain other drivers (for which i need to be able to access windows i guess? cause it's amd drivers). I'm kind of at a loss, why is it so hard to install an nvme ssd lol
  4. It's the NVME drive for sure, just booted with an old hard drive and it works, any recommendations on how to fix this problem?
  5. Hey guys, I built a new pc yesterday and noticed I didn't get the option to go into the BIOS. After a few restarts (including some weird boot loops) I was finally able to get into the bios and set the USB-windows 10 install as a boot option. However, when i get prompted to restart my pc just goes unresponsive and I'm greeted by a black screen. I've only been able to get this far twice; at the moment i'm (once again) not even able to boot into the BIOS/EUFI ;-; Thought it might have something to do with my old PSU but today I got a new one and still no change. I've also tried to short the CMOS & have taken the CMOS battery out twice now. I really don't know what to do. Any help would be more than greatly appreciated. Notable specs: Asrock b450m Pro4 AMD Ryzen 5 1600AF Gigabyte 1650 super Gskill ripsaws V 16GB 3200 RAM NVME 970 evo (i thinks this is the culprit)
  6. It sucks because f.e. excel doesn't recognize the formulas I learned in my language and it would kind of be a waste of time to re-learn all of them in a different language. I doubt it would have something to do with the router tho, since my pc is the only one at home that's experiencing the problem. As for the time and region, it's all set in Dutch. Thanks for the suggestions tho
  7. It's about time I looked for some help here since my incompetent ass can't figure out what's the matter. Basically, my windows language settings are set in Dutch (my native language). The same goes for my browser language. Despite this google will automatically forward me to french sites and far worse... my fucking excel and word functions (like the bars with all of the options above your documents) are also in french. How is this possible? Like not one language setting, as far as I'm aware, is set to french so thefuck? Normally windows should detect Dutch as my main language right? Thanks for any help in advance.
  8. Yoooo you're my new hero man!!! it worked like a charm. Thank you very much
  9. Yo guys, So yesterday I was playing some skyrim. I was enjoying myself util I alt-tabbed and got stuck with a blackscreen. I didn't think much of it and just rebooted my pc manually, but it still won't register the screen. It's starting to get annoying since I need to use my computer. I already tried to replug cables but that didn't work. My GPU drivers weren't up to date but that's because I was experiencing difficulties with video playback with the newest drivers. If anyone knows what to do, hit me up. It would be a massive help.
  10. Yes, a pop-up from within IOS. Like you would normally get when u log in to a new Iphone with your Apple ID for example.
  11. Hey guys, So I just received a message (pop up notification, not some illegitimate mail) saying that someone from China was trying to log in with my Apple ID. Ofcourse I immediately pushed the "do not allow this" button & I also immediately reset my password. I also have 2 step identification enabled. Am I still at risk? If so, what further measures could I take to eliminate this threat? Thanks in advance for the response. Best regards from a worried pleb
  12. Yo guys, So I've been looking into 60% keyboards for the past few days now (particularly the Poker 3 with blue switches) & finally decided to buy one. There's only one problem: not a single shop in Belgium or the Netherlands seems to have anything smaller than a TKL-keyboard & they only carry the mainstream brands like razor, logitech and corsair... I decided to look on amazon and found the exact white Poker 3 that I wanted, but again a problem... the seller isn't reputable at all and fucks up on a regular basis... Off we go to Mechanicalkeyboards.com, the only problem with this site is that I don't know how trustworthy their international shipping is (aside from it being hella expensive). Is there ANYONE at all, who'd be willing to put me out of my misery and suggest a good site where I can buy the keyboard??? It would be appreciated a heck of a lot. Thanks in advance guys.
  13. Thank you very much! I really appreciate it!
  14. Yo guys, So my pc was stuck in an infinite reboot loop, so I decided to download the ISO file of my (free) windows 10 upgrade and make a bootable USB drive. These things worked out but during the installation I managed to reinstall windows on a different partition or drive than it originally was. Now when I boot, I can enter the "clean" windows but my drives are still filled with all the files of the old windows. Does anyone know how to get rid of these files? And if so won't it also get rid of important files for the clean version that I reinstalled? Greets from an unlucky guy, who's had to deal with these kinds of situations for one to many times
  15. Thanks for the info y'all have given till now. I'll try and see what I'll do and in the meantime if there are more possible solutions you know off, don't hesitate to tell me.