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  1. Okay, so after many tabs of chips and motherboards being opened and closed, I finally broke down and decided on the x5650. The price on these things is just way too good. I may have found a small enough case that regular atx is fine, so that solves the size issue, but dang some of these boards are 3-4 times the price of the chips. I have to wait until November to get a board anyway, what with new Switch games coming out and all. Thanks for the help, I've been searching for a hardware plan since mid-July and finally having one at least frees up the time I've been using to search.
  2. After some research, I like the x5650 for its price to performance, but it has some issues with what I what to do with it in terms of platform. There aren't any x58 boards that are mini-itx and very few micro-atx from what I can find, and it uses triple channel RAM, with a max of 24GB. I've seen some forum posts about getting 48 to work, but I would prefer to stick with dual or quad channel RAM. The chip is pretty close to what I want (especially the price), but the platform is not quite there. I'll still consider it, but I would like some other suggestions as well.
  3. Do you have any suggestions for mini-itx or micro-atx boards?
  4. I need help picking parts out for a Revolution|3 Minecraft server. It's just me a few other people (max 5), so it doesn't have to be super powerful, just enough to run it better than in the background of 7700k machine like I'm doing now. Rev|3 is super intensive on resources with 193 mods, maxing out my 7700k and 16GB of RAM all too often, especially while I'm trying to play on it as well. I mainly just need help with the cpu, and subsequently the motherboard. It needs to be a least a quad-core, although hyperthreading would help. Intel is preferred due to higher IPC, although AMD is not out of the question. I'm also trying to fit it in a micro-ATX/mini-ITX form factor. I also prefer to have SATA 6Gb, if possible. Used hardware is 100% okay. I'm just looking for the best performance at the lowest price, so I can off-load this server from my main system.