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  1. i5 6400 vs ryzen 5 1600

    It's 1080p. not currently looking for anything higher until the prices drop.
  2. i5 6400 vs ryzen 5 1600

    i use a 180hz monitor. and i think i might upgrade to another intel cpu so i dont have to buy another mobo.
  3. i5 6400 vs ryzen 5 1600

    I'm using 16gb of ddr4 RAM, a 1060 6gb and use and SSD for my bootdrive. Should i upgrade my GPU to a 1080? Or will my CPU bottleneck it?
  4. i5 6400 vs ryzen 5 1600

    LOL and overwatch. some other first person shooters, but those two games are what i play the most
  5. i5 6400 vs ryzen 5 1600

    i was hoping to get the CPU and mobo (and yes the MOBO i was looking at has b350 chipset) as a birthday present / i'll be paying some of it too. i just don;t want to upgrade for no reason.. like is it really going to improve my internet browsing experience and make gaming any better? i dont play heavy games, i play lol and overwatch usually.
  6. Hi guys. I really want to get a ryzen cpu, since my current one is pretty shit. Im currently using an i5 6400 (non k). all I really do on my PC is play games and browse the internet, and occasionally make music and edit videos in sony vegas and after effects. So, i was wondering, is it REALLY worth upgrading my CPU? I also need to buy a new motherboard for it, too (duh). Should I spend my money on a new graphics card? I use a 1060 6gb and was thinking of buying a 1070 or 1080 (not Ti) thanks
  7. Yeah built my PC. I shoud be good
  8. okay so i can just re-use my old key for windows 10 pro?
  9. Thanks for the answer i was looking for. So im assuming when you turn it on it says windows isn't activated? Can you just put in your key from before, or is it more technical
  10. yeah i meant for overclocking
  11. hi, i wanted to swap my motherboard out with a newer one for better performance (my pc is custom). i want to know if you can just un plug everything and put it into the new motherboard and turn on the pc and its fine, or if it takes some sort of windows reboot thing. basically, is it plug and play?
  12. Hi guys, Im buying a second monitor ( my current is a 60hz 27" monitor) which is 144hz and is curved (also 27"). Idk what it will look like next to a flat monitor. I wont buy it if it looks stupid.
  13. Will i5 6400 bottleneck GTX 1080?

    I have a pretty basic motherboard, it was like 90 bucks (aud), it isnt very good with overclocking. I believe it's an Asus H110M-E
  14. Will i5 6400 bottleneck GTX 1080?

    I cant overclock my CPU unfortunatly.
  15. Will i5 6400 bottleneck GTX 1080?

    I am not on max settings on Overwatch, ( 100% render scale, medium textures and stuff ) and get around 120 fps with a 1060 6gb. Which is pretty good. The main reason I want a 1080 is because I want to be able to get almost 200fps so I can play at 144hz and also be able to run Destiny 2 well once it comes out. I might be able to get an i7, not sure what model though. Any reccomendations would be good.