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  1. Hi guys, Im buying a second monitor ( my current is a 60hz 27" monitor) which is 144hz and is curved (also 27"). Idk what it will look like next to a flat monitor. I wont buy it if it looks stupid.
  2. Will i5 6400 bottleneck GTX 1080?

    I have a pretty basic motherboard, it was like 90 bucks (aud), it isnt very good with overclocking. I believe it's an Asus H110M-E
  3. Will i5 6400 bottleneck GTX 1080?

    I cant overclock my CPU unfortunatly.
  4. Will i5 6400 bottleneck GTX 1080?

    I am not on max settings on Overwatch, ( 100% render scale, medium textures and stuff ) and get around 120 fps with a 1060 6gb. Which is pretty good. The main reason I want a 1080 is because I want to be able to get almost 200fps so I can play at 144hz and also be able to run Destiny 2 well once it comes out. I might be able to get an i7, not sure what model though. Any reccomendations would be good.
  5. Will i5 6400 bottleneck GTX 1080?

    I only ever play Overwatch so will I be fine on that? Also looking to pick up Destiny 2 when it releases.
  6. Hi everyone. So at the moment in my custom PC that I built earlier this year I have a GTX 1060 6gb, i5 6400 and 16gb of DDR4 RAM. I am thinking of purchasing a GTX 1080 or 1080 Ti, but I don't want to go and buy it and get little performance out of it because of my CPU. So, does the i5 6400 (not overclocked, it is not an unlocked processor) bottleneck the 1080 and/or the 1080 ti? Thanks