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  • CPU
    i7 2600, going to i7 8700k
  • Motherboard
    Some crappy gigabyte one, going to z370
  • RAM
    16gb crappy ddr3, going to 32gb ddr4
  • GPU
    Asus GTX 1080 turbo
  • Case
    Old crappy cooler master one, making my own tiny case
  • Storage
    1tb HDD, 240gb WD green SATA SSD, upgrading too
  • PSU
    Gigabyte Odin 800w
  • Display(s)
    Some crappy 60hz Samsung one, upgrading that too
  • Cooling
    Stock Intel cooler, getting a custom loop
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Sound
    A Jabra speaker
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 pro

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  1. you can try both slots, no harm in trying it won't burn or anything.
  2. I own a corsair m65 pro RGB. it randomly stopped working overnight. this is my support ticket to corsair: my m65pro rgb was working perfectly fine last night, today it randomly stopped working. After doing some research i found people saying that it might be stuck in bootloader mode. I've had the mouse for 7 months and its been perfectly fine till now, CUE does not detect anything, the mouse rgb doesnt light up and nothing works. i can see the laser light up on the sensor but its really dim. I've tried it on another PC and it doesn't work there too. under HID devices in device manager i see :Corsair composite virtual input device" it stays even after unplugging the mouse. windows does not make the device connected or disconnected sound either. thanks after a few emails back and forth, i got the instructions to hard reset the mouse, I'm posting this here so if anyone has a problem they can get it fixed without giving up and buying a new one(I've seen people have the same problem and then abandon the mouse). if your mouse does the same, please contact corsair support and you should have a fix for it pretty quick(you'll have to replace the firmware file through some steps). good luck note: I'm not a corsair employee. I'm just sharing my experience to help other people.
  3. HK1

    Which card would work better at my pc?

    the 500w can even handle a 1080 the 580 would be the best performing one, but i feel like that i3 might bottleneck all of those graphics card in SOME games a bit at high framrates, its not going to be a big bottleneck so its not that big of a deal please avoid using the generic psu even for the 1050.
  4. Hi is it possible to use a virtual machine for doing 1v1s allocating 2 cores to the vm? i have 2 graphics cards, can i assign one to the vm? i'm trying to do 1v1s in games. thanks for the help
  5. HK1

    wraith prism height?

    hi it fits comfortably in my ncase m1 which has a maximum cooler height of 13cm. it should fit in your case.
  6. Ncase m1, it's expensive BUT THE BUILD QUALITY IS THE BEST YOU CAN GET PERIOD. It's an amazing case.
  7. It's sitting completely flat, I'm sure about that. I'll have to. Give the re application a shot.
  8. So is my 2700x getting excessively hot? Do you think replacing the Tim will help? I'll try replacing it and update here. I'm really damn sure it's getting too hot, it should be around 75c at this clock speed afaik
  9. I think I can run it at 2933 with some fine tuning but idk if I should cuz the orange light was always on the ram. I think 2666 would be better, what are your thoughts?
  10. Ok I've tried running it without the panel on, now it runs at 85c@3.68ghz avg, the 2nd 92mm fan should help alot with the panel on. I'm pretty sure that's still really hot for ryzen at stock settings, my CPU package power is now 116w though.
  11. Btw I'm running at 2133 right now, the SOC voltage is 0.806v on auto, I let it do it's thing at 2933@1.1 SOC and 1.35 memory voltage but it hanged so I set it to auto, idk if I wanna run it at it's rated 2933 though cuz this PC is really compact, it stays in the 60c's for the ram at 2933@auto voltage, would it be safe to run 32gb at 2933 in a PC like this? Just take a look Btw I'm adding 1x 92 for intake at the mobo&CPU area at the back and 2x 120s below the GPU, 1x 120 under the blower fan will be an intake and the other will be exhaust. This case is so tiny and awesome, I can literally hold it in the palm of my hand, carrying it is easyyy. I'm looking forward to getting a portable ac outlet power bank and having a battery powered PC but idk how long the battery will last when it's on load
  12. Woah ok I tried 1.1v at manual and it kept crahsing so I put it back on auto, I set all my settings back to auto then I started a render in fusion 360, the voltage stats in the range 1.14 to 1.17 and the temp doesn't budge from 85.3c, all the cores are at 3.5ghz(they were staying at 3.8 but I think it thermal throttles to 3.5) im pretty sure those temps are really high for stock settings, in hwinfo64 it tell me my CPU package power draw is 96-97w which is less than the tdp, I really feel like my wraith prism isn't keeping up. I think this could be due to my first installation of the cooler being very shaky, I removed it to check and there was alot of thermal paste which had drooped off to the side, I wiped off the drooped thermal paste and just put it back on and the temps weren't very good so I removed it and pushed some of the thermal paste back to the center and then reinstalled the cooler. But the temps still suck, I'm gonna take some noctua nt h1 and re apply the thermal paste, I'm looking for a drop of at least 5c cuz it's 10c under tj max at stock settings without even hitting the tdp. From your experience are these temps normal for a 2700x?
  13. Ohhk it turns out I've only run at at 2933 with auto ram voltage turned on, the PC hanged after a few secs of booting into windows at 2933@1.2. I'll set it to 1.35. Auto SOC voltage control is on, I'm quite new to overclocking, what does the SOC voltage do? I'll set it to 1.1 too
  14. I've made it run at 3200 with auto overclocking, my ram is rated to run at 2933 without oc, it's rated to run at 2933. I've been running it at 2133 for the last 30 mins to eliminate any factors not letting it boot properly, I just booted into windows at 2933@1.2v.