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  1. thank you everyone for your help and suggestion
  2. max weight: 2kg min battery life: 6hrs
  3. i'll start off by saying that consumer electronics are up to 36% more expensive in my country as compares to North America/Europe, so both of these laptops will cost me USD 2000 + . I will be starting college this year and these will be my requirements: EDC to classes, Auto CAD, programming, content consumption, and occasional gaming Which one should i go for? There are some pros and cons that i found out from reviews of both laptops: G14 has only a single ram slot and m.2 slot whereas XPS 15 has 2 of each XPS 15 battery is rated for only 1000 charge-discharge cycles G14 is obviously cheaper and has a better CPU and GPU Thanks in advance
  4. as the title says, i'm using a nokia 5.1 plus and will be replacing it in a few weeks. i really love the stock android interface and am also very happy with its RAM management. i have shortlisted the following mobiles: samsung galaxy m31, pocco x2, realme 6, nokia 7.2/any future version of it what do you guys suggest? also, as i side note, i have used my mom's galaxy m30 and felt the performance was a little mediocre for the price plus the one UI felt a little weird to me
  5. It would be interesting to see the outcomes Apple products are in general about 30% more expensive in India due to import duties and taxes of INDIVIDUAL components of the devices assembling i phones in India MIGHT bring the prices AT-PAR with the prices in europe and the west but it would still be high considering India's lower levels of per capita income
  6. i.m not really into that sort of thing but the asus phone does look very appealing right now but I also don't want to upgrade my phone after a year. nokia has a huge advantage here with type c and snapdragon 710 soc
  7. So, I'm a high school student about to pass out (that means about to graduate in my country ? ?). I'm going to buy my first smartphone and have short listed the Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 and Nokia 7.1 Plus (to be launched). Here are my main reasons for considering the phones Asus: Mammoth 5000 mAh battery Dual sim + micro SD support 6GB RAM Gorilla Glass 6 (All these for a little over 200 usd in my country) Nokia: Good build quality USB-C at this price point Android One Snapdragon 710 soc Fast charging Better screen (I THINK) Faster and better fingerprint sensor So, my main question is: Is Nokia 7.1 plus worth the extra money? Before closing I would like to point out that my mother has used the Lumia 625 in the past and is currently using Nokia 6 and both are good phones with excellent build quality and an overall good experience.
  8. Thank you all for answering. For those who are asking what I want to do with these processors... I'm a high school student and I am just starting out in the field of technology so I want to learn about whatever catches my attention. Thank you all once again for answering. =D
  9. I wanted to ask if there is any way I can buy intel microprocessors like the core m3 or i5-8250 and the likes of that, even if they are from older generations like 5th or even 4th gen Thanks in advance. P.S. - I'm just curious
  10. hey guys, I'm planning to build an i5-8400 based pc and currently waiting for the h and b series motherboard. If I use a gtx 1070 in the build, will the i5 cause a bottleneck? If no then I'll probably run the stock cooler for a few months to squeeze in the 1070. Thanks in advance people! ?