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  1. What do u mean sorry my English bad
  2. I was compering my win 7 rig and new win 10 and on win 7 in idle was running only like 3 or 4 system programs and on win 10 like 15 or 20 in idle
  3. I will try ur settings if it will not fix it then yea I just download a cracked win 7 and I will be good to go
  4. Yea they fucked up my DPI settings in yesterday update took a while to fix I dident work in windows settings so I was download app for my mouse to change dpi
  5. Okey ebout the virtual memery I was thinking to do that cuse it on my old rig thx
  6. Oh okey ime thinking ebout that too but I like win 10 so much
  7. I have 8 gb ram and it using some times 6800mb some times 7400mb but usually some where in middle of them 2 and yes gta us using the ram non of other apps are well there is one but it's werry rere like once on 2 or 3 hours and it's my antivirus
  8. I have Western Digital WD10EZEX 1TB 7200rpm and it have 100% disck usage in gta online when ime playing gta v single player don't have eny issues but in gta online some times it spikes up to 100% it's a brand new 4 weaks old drive and it have 670 gb left out of 1 tb I had exactly same hard drive on my old rig dident have eny issue but I had Windows 7 on old rig and on new one I have Windows 10 Please help
  9. I had olmost same hard drive on my old rig and never had that problem my old rig was i5 760 16gb ddr3 ram and my new one i7 7700 and 1060 6gb 8gb ram ddr4
  10. But I have Western Digital WD10EZEX 1TB 7200rpm
  11. Hello so I builded my new rig like 4 weaks ego and ime having a problem with my HD when ime playing gta I for like 10 to 15 mim have spikes up to 100% of diskusage and I was trying to change game settings but on low settings still had that problem in fact when I put my game on low I have 30 40 fps and more spikes and when I have ultra setting I have 70 80 fps and less spikes BTW evry pad of my new pc is brand new and on my hard drive I have 670gb left out of 1tb PLEASE HELP Thx
  12. Shuld I try difrogmenting it ? Never done that before to my new one (never needed for the old one) so I can give it a try
  13. My old rig had a i5 and NVIDIA 760 and 16 gb ram BTW hard is only the same made I buyed a new one for new rig and my new one have 670gb left out of 1tb
  14. I have i7 7700 non k sems good to me in gta on ultra usually only 40 45% used STOCK FAN IS WERRY LOUD AND GOES CRAZY UNDER LOW LOAD
  15. I buyed a new pc for my self with no windows pre installed it have i7 7700 and 1060 6gb and 8gb ram problem is that when I play gta v Ime getting 100% disk usage spikes at random locations on my old pc I had the exactly same hard drive and it didn't skip up to 100% only on gta loading screen I believe my main pc having spikes becuse thomhing wrong wis setting of winows 10 please help BTW ime getting spikes on eny settings on low on mid and on ultra same thing Olso had a Steam problems while downloading the game my Internet speed was going to 5mb/s and go to 0 for ever but I fixed it and now I have 68 mb/s download speed shuld I try reinstalling the game ?
  16. So I need to look for a program that gets 100% of disk usage Can it be MSI app cuse I downloaded it 1st before all games and it's olways running hmm I try to delete it Thx for ur time m8
  17. And what do u mean Check for spikes?
  18. Usualy 98 99% but on my old pc had olmost the same drive it had 99 only on loading screen
  19. I buyed a pc with i7 7700 and msi 1060 6gb gaming x+ and 8 gb ram DDR 4 3000mhzand I have a problem when I play gta v some times it lags I'ven on the lowest settings in fact I get better performance in ultra setting but still it have random fps drops and lags at random times and locations GPU Usage 36 46 % Temperature 65 67 degrees CPUT usage 40 50 % temperature jumps from 60 to 70 in seconds but not all time Usualy around 66 degrees Ram some times 6800mb in 7600mp out of 8 gb And when I get the lags my GPU usage gose to 10% 20% and cpu 30% Is it cuse of the ram?
  20. But I don't know wI'll I need to overclock more then 4.2
  21. I buyed i7 7700 non K but idk if its eny better then K version can't stop thinking did I do the right choice please help