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  1. Oh my bad again sorry. My Motherboard is a GIGABYTE GA-F2A88TAD3H with a fricken GTX 1050ti and Patriot 8gb ram and the resolution I missed understood 1920x1080
  2. I always do this I don't think sorry. Ok so budget is under 200, and mostly play FPS, resolution medium, high, and just need to upgrade CPU and Motherboard.
  3. Yeah but I'm stuck on what I should get. Should've put that up there too
  4. So I have an AMD X4 860K and wanna upgrade. But my Motherboard only works with A series. Should I get A series or just upgrade CPU and Motherboard?
  5. My PC won't charge my phone and I'm using the front USB
  6. How well will fallout run with my CPU and GPU GTX 1050it AMD ATHLON X4 860k
  7. So I was going to play Apex on my PC and it kept saying that it lost connection to sever. Is it down?
  8. I completely forgot. It's on my Xbox I forgot to put it sorry