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  1. Yes INR 2000/- more money I can add 2000/- more for a cpu Means 11,000 for a cpu Suggest better cpy
  2. Thanks everyone i am going to replace i3 7100 with ryzene 3 2100 I am limited cause of budget ??
  3. My customer give me budget of 40,000/- INR With ryzene it cost me 9340/- inr i Alleready exceed limit ?
  4. Ryzene gaming score 70% desktop 69% workstation 43 % Vs i3 has gaming 66% desktop 74 workstation 39% Thanks it's better ryzene is better same price
  5. CPU: intel Core i3-7100 GPU:Gtx 1050 Ti HDD:WD Blue 1TB (2015) RAM:HyperX fury DDR4 2133 C14 2x8GB MBD:Asus GA-H110M-S2 LGA 1151 6th gen CABINET:Circle Gaming CC 821 PSU:Coller Master B500 In MY currency this all parts are of INR:40,000/- US Dollars 610/-
  6. what you think i make a video to try what we can do with it max its limits?
  7. means i put my asus rog gl552 vw in bin ? because it has a gtx960M even a 1050 is better than it
  8. i do have a alienware 17 but this asus laptop is also preety damn good just looking to upgrade to its limits how about 32 gb ram and a ssd 500GB and it wil get a gtx 1060 or 1070
  9. how about 1070 6GB ? with a i7-6700 HQ will it bottle neck
  10. 1060 6 gb can easily run any game on FHD display ?
  11. you know gtx 960M in 2017 is like having a ps3 in 2017 so suggest some else if we can do
  12. i am gonna use pcie slots to upgrade and gtx1060 6bs is enough with i7-6700hq with and 16 ram ?
  13. I have a laptop ASUS ROG GL522VW Specifications i7-6700HQ GTX 960M 1TB hard disk I was thinking about upgrade it a little bit if i can add external graphics card with it like gtx 1060 6GB but with an external gpu dock which max graphics card can i attach via usb type-c or we have another way by removing screws open laptop and remove wifi adapter external power supply mini pcie cable and a [Mini PCI-E Version] V8.0 EXP GDC Laptop External Independent Video Card Dock what we can do with usb type c is it shit ?
  14. I do have a laptop with gtx 1060 6GB and a i7-6700HQ It can beat ps4pro easy
  15. Like something we can say that this cpu+gpu is eual to PS4 or PS4 pro ?