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  1. Still while playing game voltage limit exist ?
  2. I did voltage to 100% on precision let's see if it fix problem
  3. 1050 ti and i am trying but it's a laptop i don't think manufacture allow us to do that
  4. It's a laptop msi dose not allow delivery of more power and please tell any third part app name to deliver more power ...
  5. When i play game like pubg on My laptop which has i7 7700HQ & 1050Ti my GPU show VOLTAGE THROTTLING while in game leads to low fps than normal 1050ti ? ANY HELP PLEASE
  6. ? no my friend that app i need is for pc
  7. I am a college student so problem is live in hostel so here so many wifi routers and all run on same ssid and that make our laptops to continously changing between bssid of wifi network as a result we see our wifi signal going up down up down i had a app before i forget name of that now i cant find it that app allow me to see signal strength and bssid and wifi networks around me and let me connect with a specific bssid network after using it my network fluctuation got solved but after i reinstalled my window that app got deleted and forget to save it too ? if any body know about that app please tell me all i rembers is that app icon look like old 2 square monitors
  8. i saw system ans system ideal is using 89-70 cpu but in cpu its used only 12 %
  9. Thanks i understand that but cpu temperature are higher than normal without any load when i say task manager it's jist system it self and nothing using cpu ? i shut down laptop and keep off to make it sama as room temperature but as soon as i turn laptop on syarty blowing hot air outside ? . 50-55 jumping up down at no load
  10. My laptop ROG GL552VW my cpy was ideling 35-40 temp last day , today i notice it was idling 50 deg temp and then when i notice my frequency was ideling at full but cpu usage was 2 - 10% any help ?
  11. reinstall nvidia drivers ...first do clean uninstall
  12. Can you help me in undervolting gpu ?
  13. there is diffrence between overclocking and undervolting i undervolt my cpu which help it temp to reach max at 72 dec so i need to try gpu undervolting i dont know how to do that
  14. maybe i will add new thermal paste too then and i will compare results
  15. Even if i play pubg on stock gpu setting it's clocks go down to 900Mhz ?
  16. I undervolt my cpu not gpu mens i am giving less voltage means less heat generation ?
  17. I will tey changing thermal paste too
  18. I just i need a way to undeclock gpu my cpu don't get hot ?
  19. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa to get 45-60 fps in current 2017 and 2018 games
  20. I need help with Undervolting GTX960M i modded vbios using maxwell bios editor 2 and problem is my gpu got hot at 82 deg celcious and its the limit when it reach 82 deg it start throtling means all my overclocking ruined ......................... so as i can undervolt my i7 6700HQ is there any way to undervolt 960M i tried msi afterburner that curve editor it wont show up voltage and power limit are grayed out i manage some how unlock voltage tab but cant reduce its value but can decrease it i will post voltage tab of maxwell vbios tool and any help will be very thankfull ASUS ROG GL552VW Laptop A