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  1. cHaTrAp

    PG278QR / PG278Q diffrents??

    Should i get the R version?
  2. cHaTrAp

    PG278QR / PG278Q diffrents??

    What's the difference? They are the same monitors but with different name
  3. cHaTrAp

    ASUS PG258Q 240hz , Go for it?

    This monitor cost in Sweden $646,10 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B017EVR2VM/?tag=techchap-20 I was going to buy it next week but my brain said it's not whort it. idk should I listen to my brain or go for it? I want 24-inch monitor with Gsync, i hate 27 too big. what do you recommend guys?
  4. cHaTrAp

    pg258q vs xg258q??

    hi, both have gsync and 240 hz and 24 inch. what's the difference between them? the xg258q is a bit cheaper.
  5. cHaTrAp

    gtx 2070 with i7-4770K

    should I upgrade my CPU too?
  6. cHaTrAp

    gtx 2070 with i7-4770K

    Cooler master v1000
  7. cHaTrAp

    gtx 2070 with i7-4770K

    Hello I need to upgrade my computer I was thinking to just buy a new graphic card instead of buying a new computer but I don't know if it's worth it with the spec I have. And the graphic card I was thinking of buying is gtx 2070. What do you recommend guys? ---- Cpu i7-4770K motherboard: Asus Maximus VI Formula ram: 16gb ---- sorry for my English.
  8. cHaTrAp

    Which one should I buy?

    What’s the difference
  9. cHaTrAp

    Which one should I buy?

    Gtx 970
  10. cHaTrAp

    Which one should I buy?

    Asus VG248QZ or ViewSonic XG2402 what do you recommend?
  11. cHaTrAp

    Porblem with my asus PG278

    I bought this monitor on black friday. when i plugged the monitor i got this Dose anyone know what’s causing this? graphic card : gtx 970
  12. cHaTrAp

    Worht it or not

    hi guys So i was thinking to buy a new monitor and someone recommended me this monitor ASUS ROG SWIFT PG258Q Is it worth it? i'll be using it for gaming. and if not what do you recommend?
  13. lol dose anyone know how to go back, this new layout makes me mad
  14. cHaTrAp

    recording for a whole year

    Inside my house , i will be gone for months yes it will be having sound