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    I5 4440 3,2 ghz
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    Asus H81M-A
  • RAM
    16 gb Kingston 1600 (2x8gb)
  • GPU
    MSI Gaming X 1070 8gb
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    Shitty Sentey
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    Shitty thermaltake
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    Samsung 24" 1080p
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    shitty case fans
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    Kingston Hyper X Alloy FPS
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    Logitech g402
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    Kingston Hyper X Cloud Alpha
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    Windows 10

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  1. Yeah absolutely, I get why it degrades faster, whats why it was "faster" haha, thanks for your answer! Oh and btw, the answer would be completely the opposite if this was about a cheap charger with a not-known brand, right?
  2. Hi! So, I recently bought a Xiaomi Redmi Note 7, and it supports quick charge 4.0, the thing is, can I use a Moto fast charger without damagin the battery? I had a moto g5 plus, and the Moto fast charger has three outputs, standard: 5v-1.6A, turbo1: 9v-1.6A and turbo2:12v-1.2A. The only difference is that Xiaomi's phone has USB type C, which forces me to swap cables. The original Xiaomi charger has a single output of 5v-2A, and the phone recognizes the fast charger when I plug it in. Using it normally, and with Xiaomi's type-c usb plugged in moto's fast charger, will damage my battery? I know fast charging degrades the battery "faster", but I want to be sure this doesnt damage the whole thing in months Thanks!
  3. So that USB DAC would solve the crosstalk?
  4. Yes, I tried disabling everything, stereo mix, muting, lowering dbs, reinstalling newer and older audio drivers, and the only option that works is the "cancel eco" option, but it lowers the quality of the mic, and I have to stick to that for now until I find (if I ever do) a solution
  5. Well yeah, I have a hyperx cloud alpha, is all one cable and a extender with a divided mic and headset cable. And clearly its not impossible because it happens. And the sound that it picks up its like if I recorded a video, its the exactly same sound/quality, like a clone but lower volume, not the quality you would get if the mic picked it up like picks my voice.
  6. I want to avoid static and weird noises on my mic, right now if I play a high volume sound (lets say a guy screaming because of a horror game gameplay), my mic picks that up and records it. If im on teamspeak everyone hears it, and if I record myself talking it records it too. Its not sound coming from the headset, I tried that already, maybe the sound card would solve that?
  7. Hi, so first of all I didnt know which forum to post this on so I picked General Discussion (sry about that). I want to buy a sound card and I want to know if there is enough space in the motherboard, I wont fall into details about which sound card will be because if I cant even fit a thin one then theres no point, the gap is really thin. As you can see in the pictures, I have a ASUS h81m-a and a msi 1070 which is kinda big and it already covers one of my pci-e connectors. So if you can tell (Im not really sure if those pics will show enough), can you give me some advice? Thanks.
  8. The thing is, I dont have a wide variety of headphones to choose from, because fuck my country, so I would suggest to base your opinions only on sound quality (and construction etc) before price or other options. For example, I couldnt find ath-500x / 700x, from audio technica I only found m20x, m30x, m40x, and m50x, plus sennheiser as well but they are extremely above my budget. I think the 558 are good price, and they look good, i've read some reviews, they are good from what i've read, so I think im going to give it a go on those, thanks everyone
  9. What do you think about the Sennheiser 558? A little bit expensive for my budget but, if I have to...
  10. Maybe I will buy these. Thanks By the way, I only use the motherboard sound card, should be okay, right?
  11. Lets say I can get a HD 280, what about those?
  12. Thanks for the replies, guys. Here's the thing, i'm from Argentina, an these two headphones I talk about are about $2200 (ARS), and if im looking for a HD 280 lets say, or a HD 558, prices go up to 3000-4000, and that fucking sucks for me... So there are not many choices and considering im looking for a mic too, I dont know. A HD 558 or 280 should be okey then? Just in case