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  1. generally my speakers are at 100% volume. when i used to plug in my headphone , the volume would automatically drop to (say 20%) (a desired effect). However now when i plug in my headphone i get blasted with 100% volume. I Don't remember any updates.
  2. so since yesterday, whenever I plug in my headphones into my laptop, the volume doesn't automatically go down (as it used to). I've tried to troubleshoot but to no avail. I'm rocking:- dell Inspiron 7591 (windows version:-1909)
  3. open RUN and type 'cleanmgr' let it do its job ,select and clear all the temp files. if you use a hard drive I'd suggest you run windows disk defragmentation tool too.
  4. I've been looking for a good laptop to take with me to college after i graduate from school in a year (I live in India). I'm looking for:- thin and light OR a 2 in 1 my budget is about $600 to about $900 (about 50000 INR to 70000 INR ). 4 cores (min) 8GB RAM (min) 256 GB (min) light gaming like rocket league or CS:GO (not a gamer) nice to haves :- touch support thunderbolt (of course ) convertible or 2 in 1 expandable storage / ram
  5. thank you! if you have any suggestions for laptops without thunderbolt too that you think i should consider...
  6. I need a laptop suggestion for my college (I live in India). . I'd like to find it myself but I'm loaded with projects, online classes etc . so i need the help of the community. following are the specifications that I'm looking for:- -2 in 1 convertible laptops (would consider other types) - about $900 to $1000 (about 70000 INR) - 8 to 16GB ram (its okay if OG config is less if upgradable) - 4 cores minimum (no preference between intel or amd) - 256GB storage (minimum) - thunderbolt (nice to have, would prefer) -good for light gaming (like rocket league, CS:GO, not much of a gamer) - dont mind older models well thankyou for your help in advance.