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  1. I have the older 500 without out the mesh. Using the 2700x /5700xt combo i have nps with heat at all just using the 2 front and single 140mm exhaust. I have 3 top installed just to fill the case and have never needed to use them. I'm using the R-1 cooler with triple fans + the 140 exhaust.
  2. I'd be keen to see the figures if you own them both, I could do a comparison between a 7yr + 212 and a current 212 would be keen to see your comparison between the sports and 212 to see what "much better" looks like. Cheers.
  3. 3 up front and just the one @ the rear works pretty well on my mesh c no dust probs.
  4. That's kinda why i went with the cheaper option of the d14, 120mm fan up front for ram clearance and the larger 140 in the guts... I
  5. Better looking i'll give it that.... But "Much" better Performance? Maybe a second fan has a lot to do with that.
  6. Defyant

    Project Silence

    Fractal Meshify S2 !!!
  7. what type of smoke did you use?
  8. That's a D14 with LL-120's Cheers Slayer tyvm mate clips was my next question As long as there's no negative effects i like the look. Tho i think i'll try and get some LL140's to fit for a beefier look
  9. Optimum Tech is also right into these cases has a lotta info and builds.
  10. Yer your pretty much stuck with what you have there. Cheap proprietary systems are always a jerk off. The 6 pin con prolly supplies 12v direct to the fans via 2 of the pins (hence running full blast all the time) The other 4 pins would be 5v etc for the rgb. Im surprised they did not add at least a 2 speed variable from the remote... If you were so minded you could workout the power wire off the ribbon and run that to a cheapo fan hub then control the lot from one header off the mb.
  11. Defyant

    Good fans

    We are polar opposites
  12. Decided to upgrade from the Hyper 212 to a D14 (more for looks than cooling) i was checking clearances etc and thought 3 fans would look pretty cool ! Has anyone tried triple fans on these or any twin tower cooler?
  13. Fan makers still use inline resistors today to step down fan speeds
  14. Ive tried all those configs on my mesh c.... Honestly ive found the best overall is 3 x front 120'S 1 x rear 120 and nothing up top just use the magnetic mesh (dust cover) this supplies enuf back pressure to stop the system becoming a dust bowl @ low speeds and allows the system to exhaust fast enuf at high fan speeds. All my tests were done with LL-120's /140's and stock corsair fans. Edit, i am using a H-150i tripple placed in the front of the case. IF i were air cooling my cpu.... i may think about adding fan to the top.
  15. Defyant

    Project Silence

    Appols for the late reply... I think price to value you cant beat the fratcal meshify... Quiet cases are about getting air to flow for max cooling at low fan speeds