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  1. ow wow .... -.- gotta buy Asus Rog then .. -.-
  2. wow this gotta be a joke... but i have an DP to DVI-D cable... which also doesnt work
  3. No Adapters used, yes Gigabyte Aorus GTX1080 (rev2.0) running with 385.41 WHQL Display Driver
  4. With my GTX 670 when the Monitor arrived i went into the Displayadapter Options and just went to set it to 144Hz, now i've nothing else to choose than 60Hz When i plug HDMI i have 60Hz and downwards (and yes im aware of the fact that HDMI can only deliver 60Hz /besides HDMI 2.0) Since the day i put the GTX 1080 in i cannot choose anything, switch anything, make a custom resolution didnt help tho.
  5. well whatever i try it didnt work out for me, even swapping the nvidia drivers (and yes i used DDU) I wiped all drivers multiple times, tried several DVI-DL(DUAL LINK!!!) cables (yes im aware of all the cable types! Single Link, Dual Link, Analog, Digital !!!!) For now i tried with an Displayport to DVI-DL cable (dp on the GPU side, DVI-DL on the Display side) and i tried every DP port on my GPU
  6. Hey guys, since i swapped out my GTX670 for a GTX1080 my Zowie XL2411 wont allow more than 60Hz@1080p, at 1024x768 it can allow 120Hz but only at those crappy resolutions. With the GTX 670 everything was working fine. (Using 385.41 WHQL Nvidia Drivers, BenQ Display Pivot+Drivers installed) Also tried with older Nvidia drivers, no difference. Tried 3 different DVI-DL Cables, and one Displayport to DVI-D. Didnt change a thing. Any ideas? Anyone had the same problem? Edit: Also making a custom resolution with Nvidia Controllpanel wont work (blackscreen @120Hz and @144Hz) Thanks
  7. Installed 384.76 doesnt change anything! Please guys any idea?
  8. For now, trying to go with Driververs. 384.76 WHQL
  9. as i already wrote, the display only has HDMI and DVI, so no. But i've plugged the DP site to any exit on the GTX1080, which made no difference at all.
  10. just did that, the option set was "let the 3D Application choose" so i set it to Off anyways but that wouldnt let me pick 120 or 144Hz tho.
  11. the Monitor has DVI-I and HDMI input, it was always plugged with DVI since only HDMI 1.3+ support 120HZ (doesnt know what HDMI 2.0b supports yet) but im using a DP(into the GC) to DVI (into the Display) currently. Bought it to try if something changes.
  12. Any setting for Vsync in Desktop Mode?
  13. there is no setting for the frequency in the OSD.
  14. is there any vsync setting in the Nvidia options or so?
  15. Display drivers for the Zowie Display