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    I7 7700k
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    Asus z270 AR
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    16gb of corsair vengeance
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    Ausus 1060 6gb
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    Nzxt s340

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  1. Crap internet

    Thank you I’m going to do more tinkering to see if I can get it to work
  2. Crap internet

    The internet isn’t the problem, I just need to know if the file transfer will work
  3. Crap internet

    I have unlimited
  4. 1060 3gb or 1050ti?

    I have the 1060 6gb and it works great so far
  5. Crap internet

    I’m actually running off my iPhone hot spot, get 15gb it good internet, 3 to 6mb but after that it drops to the 80kb, any ways it connects via usb so yes I guess
  6. Crap internet

    My internet?
  7. Crap internet

    I hope this doesn’t make me sound to dumb but I don’t have good internet at my house, like 80kb down, so I can game at like 80 ping not to bad but still. My question is, I have a 1tb passbook was wondering if I could some how put the updates/new games I get on there then move the to my pc later ?? Any help is welcome
  8. Seagate FireCuda Good Second Drive?

    If you're going with a standard hdd then go with wd black 👌
  9. New PC Build

    Depends on which one you get and if you can finds a sale @JDE

    I just bought it at like 4 pm today lol it hasn't even shipped yet lol @Colin Donoghue
  11. New PC Build

    Wow it's about $550 in the USA @JDE
  12. Seagate FireCuda Good Second Drive?

    You should just buy whatever on sale
  13. Seagate FireCuda Good Second Drive?

    I got one like 2 months ago and it's working 👍 it's quite plus you have the extra flash storage
  14. New PC Build

    I have the 1060 and it's hard to get what he wants with out overclocking the heck out of it
  15. New PC Build

    I wouldn't go for any thing lower then a 1070 but that's just me