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  1. I am very Computer savvy but can not get my head around audio at all!! I want to get the most out of my nice headphones but feel i might not be with my on board audio chip. i am currently using Sennheiser x Massdrop HD 6xx headphones. any help out be awesome, I use these for editing, Gaming, and just music while i work.
  2. Specs: CPU: Ryzen 5 2600X (no overclock) GPU: RX 570 8gb (no overclock) Motherboard: MSI X470 Gaming Plus Bios Version A.40 Ram: Patriot Memory 16gb 2400MHz Storage C: Samsung NVME 120gb Storage D: Kingston 120gb SSD Storage E: Toshiba 1tb HDD Storage F: Sandisk 120gb SSD I have uninstalled and reformatted all drives and reinstalled windows 10. if i am playing games and have a video running on a different monitor it begins to lag and run horribly. Another issue is with Streamlabs OBS, i can no longer stream and any setting. stream labs will freeze up and become unusable but if i click into the window it will open back up and be usable again. Game performance has not gone down and i have seen no other issues. i am completely lost and have no where else to go.
  3. Awesome, i will work on this when I get home, I appreciate the willingness to help!
  4. I am Set at Very Fast, i will look into capping at 75 fps if that helps and ill look into allocating threads, Thank you for the help @Syntaxvgm
  5. I am attempting to start streaming again and have come across some issues with Crazy lag and frame dips in Stream labs OBS. These issues are new and can’t think of anything I could have done to cause this to happen. My specs are below Internet speed: 200 down 100 up Ryzen 2600x 4.1ghz MSI RX 570 8gb 16gb DDR4 Ram 3000mhz MSI X470 gaming Plus Thermaltake 650w smart PSU 120gb SSD for OS 1tb HDD for Games and media Game play is fine I am still running all games at Ultra/ High 1080p 144fps it just seems to be OBS or maybe a network issue, if anyone can help id really apricate it!
  6. Thermaltake Smart BX1 650W Bronze SLI/Crossfire Ready Continuous Power ATX12V V2.3/ EPS V2.92 80 Plus Bronze Certified 5 Year Warranty Non Modular Power Supply PS-SPD-0650NNFABU-1 Non modular
  7. It is an actual arc fault, I have replaced it twice.
  8. Ryzen 2600x small oc 16gig Corsair rgb ram RX 570 8GB 1TB HARD DRIVE 120GB SSD MSI B SERIES MOBO I have about $200 I could spend on a psu
  9. What do you guys think of Thermaltake 650W smart series power supplys? Having some issues with ARC fault breaker tripping and think it might be my psu. Probably going to switch to EVGA 80+. Any recommendations?
  10. That makes me sad. Found out last night after further testing my audio is also fried...
  11. @ThisIsCheez so updated I guess, I tried a 3rd gen I5 and the xmp profile I now working. I have all four sticks in and it is reading 8g at 1600MHz
  12. Damn... Okay. Well I appreciate all of the help.
  13. Yes sorry seemed like I was in the wrong area thought I deleted