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  1. Jdavis

    Windows Server 2016 users

    I was able to set up another user by using the user panel in the control panel, but even when sat as a standard user they still see everything, maybe group permissions? is a terminal domain login different then a RD connection? I'll look up the roaming profiles and fold redirection.
  2. Jdavis

    server notifying

    After a couple of tweaks to the registry to enable auto login sat up it's working perfectly. Thank you!
  3. Jdavis

    server notifying

    Is there a way to make windows server 2016 to email me or something to tell me when it rebooted. And/Or open up programs in a certain order? I don't ever know when it reboots until I login to it or try to access files.
  4. Jdavis

    Windows Server 2016 users

    sorry for the time gap, been pretty busy. I'm using the standard RD setting, I just put in the server's address, my user, and PW. what is everything connecting to the domain mean? Having the computers but sat to the server's domain? I don't really want to computers to be forced to connect to the server. At where I work I could login from any computer using RD and get onto my own personal desktop.
  5. Jdavis

    Windows Server 2016 users

    I've not been able to get anything to work. I am able to use RD. I'm using windows server 16 on a desktop MOBO that's a gigabyte ga-78lmt-usb3. I do have my own domain going. Where I work we used to be able to login using RD to our own accounts, I'd like to be able to that with my server.
  6. Jdavis

    Windows Server 2016 users

    yes, and it looks like it is running
  7. I want to set up virtual desktops for remotes users but every time I even try to create a VHD/VDI I get an error saying VDI not enabled, google was no help at all. How do I enable VDI? Will and ISO of windows 10 enterprise work for a templet?
  8. Jdavis

    graphics card in win server '16

    So what I did was install the AMD suite for the card meant for windows 10 and after it installed the OS saw it and configured it for use and BOINC saw it right off the bat, I didn't need to do anything with that.
  9. Jdavis

    graphics card in win server '16

    I had the spare parts and was able to get win server for really cheap, I didn't want to invest too much. It still runs better then the server where I work. I'm not on a domain. How do I enable it? I'm a complete noob at this.
  10. I have windows server 2016 running on some desktop hardware and I want to install a radeon rx 460 graphics card. I want to use the card with Boinc and other types of graphics processing. I downloaded the windows 10 drivers, which a google search said should have worked, and I've turned on graphical acceleration (I believe it's turned on). Do I have to install and turn on everything directly using the server or does remote desktop work too? I am sure that the card and slot work, I have the display going through it ATM. This is my first time really build a server so I don't really know how things work yet.
  11. Jdavis

    Will A sata 2 cable bottleneck my ssd?

    This thread is most likely dead, but just wanted to put my two cents in. I personally noticed a marked improvement when I replaced my old sata cords with new sata 3. But there won't be that much improvement from sata 2 to 3 but I would get the 3 just because they're close enough to the same price and would, IMO have better shielding, a little faster and the tech maybe able to use it. I had a new mob and ssd but usedan old cables until I could make it back to the computer parts store, about an hour away. I think that the cables can make a difference in speed if your mob and ssd have those higher speeds. Granted I went from old cables from a prebuilt but I'd think that every new generation of data cables are faster then the last to some extent.