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  1. To start off, Yes I know i'm stupid everything could have been prevented if I just checked the supported RAM list. But some good black Friday deals made me change my motherboard last minute and I simply didn't check the compatibility of the RAM (I build my new PC a while after purchasing the RAM so i couldn't return it). My build: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/DDnHVY I'm very happy everything is good since my main use isn't gaming. But with the holidays I have some extra time on my hands and i'd like to get the extra performance out on my components. But i don't have any experience overclocking RAM. With auto setting I got it at 2833 MHZ but The VRM got quite hot (didn't wait for any crashes) so I changed it back. So my question is basically, can I trust the auto Overclock or is it better to do it manually, and if its better to do it manually do you know a good guide that can help me? Is there a reason that every kind of Vengeance RAM is supported except for the 3000 mhz? And will there be any Bios updates in the future that might add support for the 3000 mhz? https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/support/B350M-MORTAR-ARCTIC.html#down-bios
  2. I'm actually looking for the same sort of headphones, but I mainly listen to rock and a bit of metal, the focus on focals and instruments is the same. I'm going to throw another pair of headphones in the mix i've been looking at the Beyerdynamic DT990's. I have the Superlux 668B, amazing quality for the price. Comfort is okay, but the pads on top will become annoying/painfull after 3-4 hours of use.
  3. It really depends on your current situation. Rumours are saying Pinnacle Ridge might be announced/launched February. Can you wait that long or do you have to upgrade now?
  4. Depends on what the main focus of the build is gaming/work etc.. Seems like a decent build, but for gaming you could go for a ryzen 3 and invest in a 1060 and/or more RAM. Could be good decision to invest in higher frequency and/or dual channel RAM. But it all depends on what you want to with the pc.
  5. Do you guys seriously think it's worth to go single channel RAM if it only saves $12? I could understand if you only have 2 slots, but it doesn't make sense to me if you have 4 available slots (I wouldn't even consider a 2 slot Motherboard tbh).
  6. The increased performance depends on the games this can vary a lot. The difference might only be 1-2 fps in certain games but in others it can be up to 10 fps. If you're on a budget you wont upgrade any time soon due to high pricing of RAM. The few extra bucks for dual channel is worth the gain in performance, and the problems for future upgrades are minimal.
  7. Better to have dual channel RAM with Ryzen and the board has 4 slots right? 8gb will do for now and 16gb will last a while if gaming is the main use.
  8. I already tested 4 different locations, it's in the position with the least drops and highest speeds of all. These drops just occur when the 4G router losses connection, the provider said these can happen and there's nothing you can do about it. Ill have to learn to live with the occasional 3 second drop, but i'd like to prefent any drops longer than this. So if I understood you correclty it's better to use it as a back up line and not let it switch on the basis of speeds?
  9. Okay, thanks for the heads up, good to know I won't be able to get a perfect backup. These drops vary from a few seconds to max 10 minutes. I don't lose a lot it's more the inconvenence of the drop during things like Skype calls or gaming. But I also just thought of the fact that I depend on a 4G connection, these can be unreliable at times due to malfunctions at the end of the provider. The 3-10 seconds drops will be unavoidable, this will be something that ill have to accept. But i'd still pay €45,- for the TP-Link to avoid the major outages.
  10. I just got a 4G router and my internet speed has increased from 5 mb/s to 35 mb/s (download) and even the ping acceptable, all set to browse the dankest memes. My only problems are the occasional loss of connection or extreme drops in speed, these occur like at max once per day, but when they do they're at the most inconvenient times. I know about load balancing routers but my knowledge of networking is pretty basic, so i'm not even sure if this is the best solution and what to look for. As far as i've seen the TP-LINK TL-R470T+ should be a good solution for me. I could hook this up to the 4G router (Huawei E5186) and old ADSL line, and let it use the ADSL connection when the 4G speed drops below that of the ADSL. I think this will work for me, but I also want my wireless network to profit from the back up connection. Of course I could hookup a wireless acces point, but i'd prefer a load balancing router with wireless. So at the end my questions are: What is a good load balancing router with wireless, Or is there a better solution for my problem?
  11. I thought and read xfr would work on 320. But then again if I pay a little extra ill get the B350 which we know for sure will work, would give me the 4 RAM slots and would keep the option of overclocking open for the future.
  12. I've seen FIFA crashing with 8 GB, so i'm not too sure about that. Wouldn't be a disaster if it couldn't run Fifa. Already have some fans I can use. Thanks for the info!
  13. As I said I have 0 experience with overcloking, i'd rather pay a bit more for a stable system than mess about with an overclock that will take me ages to get right.
  14. The define c looks really clean and would offer more room for extra storage, thanks! The Ryzen would benefit greatly from the faster ram (be it in gaming performance which isn't as impartant), but it costs like 30 euros extra which does fit in my budget at the moment. The mass storage would be needed in the 2nd stage as a NAS. I'm going to use synergy with my Surface pro 3, so most school related files will go on there or in the cloud. That would leave 200GB for a few games. The m2 would leave room for an easy SSD upgrade. Gaming would vary from some nostalgic games like age of empires and diablo 2 to Skyrim and Fifa (8GB RAM might be a bottleneck here though). Not expecting a lot just the possibillity of passing some time with a bit of gaming.
  15. I'm looking to build a pc that will get me through 2 years of school while living in something like a dormroom. I want to use it as a livingroom pc and NAS after my education. I've struggled with some parts of the build, mainly the motherboard and a micro-ATX case. CPU: Ryzen 3 1300X Mobo: Asus Prime A320M-K (I have no overclocking experience, I might look for one with 4 slots though) GPU: Zotac Geforce GTX 1050 Ti 4gb mini RAM: 2X 4GB, 3.200mhz of whatever decent brand is the cheapest when i'm buying the system. Storage: WD blue 250GB m.2 SSD (can get this pretty cheap from my work) PSU: Corsair CX450 Case: Bitfenix Phenom Micro-ATX or Fractal Nano s This will cost me about €650,- and this is around my max budget. I do live in the Netherlands and as far as i've seen most components are more expensive here (if you're interested in the pricing you could take a look at tweakers.net) This thing will be the lifeblood of my room. I'm going to use it for medium multitasking, light gaming and I'm going to hook it up to my tv. Any tips and advice would be appreciated, especially on a sleek looking Micro ATX case with room for storage expansion.