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  1. Have been using this pc since september 2017 and yesterday I got this message. Tried restrting and it did not help. Looked it up and they say you need to reinstall windows or after 28 days [i have left checked it] the pc will restart it self every 2 hours.
  2. That means, these wont work with a fullscreen protector?
  3. I recently got a samsung galaxy a5. When I bought it I was offerd a case and knowing my previous phone I took it. Its not that good. Today I went to get a screen protector. When I showed my phone the told me to get a smaller one because the case would remove it, somehow. q1:Is that true? I got it they applied it and because I was too tired grabed my phone and whent home. Only now am I seeing that all around the protector there is a white line of what appears to be not attached protector. Tried googleing and fixing it myself to no avail. q2:Can I fix it or do I need to get a new one?
  4. My old keyboard has served its time and I am looking forward to buying this one, but I am living in Bulgaria and due to taxes,shipping and currency it will cost a lot. There is one problem, for the life of me I can not find out how much shipping will cost and if there is a way to make it cheaper. Can anyone explain it and help me out?
  5. I am using a simple office pc and I can run games till 2010 at 30fps, but I want to upgrade. Here is the build I stopped on. My budget is 600-700 usd. I have a cas eand an HDD. Is it good? https://pcpartpicker.com/list/8pdfWX