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    ROG Maximus VI Hero
  • RAM
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    GTX 760
  • Case
    Zalman Z9
  • Storage
    850 EVO 250GB
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    Thermaltake 500W
  • Display(s)
    ASUS 27" 1080P
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    Windows 10 x64

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  1. If you were shopping for PC components on classifieds, what would you give for a ASUS P8P67 with i5-3470 & 8GB RAM. What I would like to get and what anyone in willing to give is a gap I generally have trouble with.
  2. I have a IBM X3560 M2 server running 2.5" sas drives in raid 1. Supported hard drive info is hard to find and often pretty vague. I would like to upgrade to 300gb drives but I would like some kind of reassurance whether the 3650 M2 will accept them.
  3. My First Graphics card! Bought used off classifieds without any photo or info in 2011. Had no idea what an 8800 was, barely knew Nvidia. Turned out to be a very unique Sparkle 8800GT with Passive Cooling. Served me well and finally after many friends and dusty shelves, I have her back. Thinking of doing a retro build. Has anyone else ever encountered this card? What are your thoughts?