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  1. I did a lot of research on this and I'm thinking this would be a good solution for us. I actually found a video demonstrating the management software and they set up almost exactly what we would need. Obviously I would need to get the budget for something like that cleared but it would be really nice to have that flexibility. Now to figure out what kind of budget I would have to work with and what that budget would get me. Thank you everyone for your replies on this. Hopefully I'll be able to get this worked out soon.
  2. I'm thinking that might be the way to go. I'll get with them and find out what we can afford and whether or not they think it would be worth it. I definitely agree. Much to the same point you made above. If anything goes wrong, I'm to blame and I definitely don't know enough to feel comfortable taking on that responsibility. I'll talk to them and get a rough idea of what kind of a budget we are thinking and then we can possibly go from there.
  3. I'm not sure of a dollar figure for a budget but since it is for a church, my guess would be as inexpensive as possible while still getting the job done. It's good to know that it can be done that way. Now I guess my next step would be to find out how to do it and how much it would cost to get everything up and running. I set up an old PC at home using freenas more as a fun project than anything actually useful but I imagine I could do something similar. I'm thinking that a RAID 5 setup with 20TB of usable space should be enough to handle what we need for the time being. I wonder if it would be better to go with an off the shelf solution or build one. I definitely don't know enough about networking but, if it is set up just on the church's wifi wouldn't that prevent anyone from uploading things from home? Typically the photographers edit all of their photos at home (or their studio for the "pros") and then submit them to one of our random means of delivery that we currently have.
  4. I recently took over leading the photography team for my church and we have been struggling with getting all of the photos in one place efficiently and keeping them organized. We have tried numerous solutions like Google Drive and other similar things but it's a real pain and I'm thinking there has to be a better way. I thought that Adobe LR would be perfect because of the new(ish) cloud features but shared photos are limited in resolution and I was told by an adobe rep that the only way to get the originals would be to give my adobe account ID and password to everyone on the team so that they could log in using my account but that is not going to work for obvious reasons. My only other thought of a possible solution was to set up a NAS at the church that members would be able to upload all photos to. Ideally this would be a one way street where members could upload their photos but would not have the ability to delete or modify anything else on the NAS. I'm not sure if this is possible or if there is a better solution that I'm completely missing but I'm open to anything that doesn't require me to manage everything via tons of emails and using up what little space I have left on my personal PC.
  5. Just placed the orders for all of the parts. I might start a build log thread when I get everything in and get it set up. Thank you to everyone for your help with this.
  6. I had a complete brain fart with that mobo swap. Support for SLI was the entire reason that I switched over to the X370 in the first place and I couldn't even remember why (I need to start writing things down) Way too many people have told me to get the 850 evo for me not to listen so I'm swapping that out as well. In looking at a lot more reviews of cases I can see where you're coming from with the S340 Elite. I'm still not 100% sold on it but I'm thinking that the meshify C would be a decent route (among many others) With the case switched out that gives me more room for a CPU cooler and I can throw in the best air cooler on the market now with the NH-D15. Looks aren't as great but at least it will be a great cooler that will last. Below is the list that I currently have and am planning to order tomorrow. Any last minute tips from anyone? https://pcpartpicker.com/list/2h9JJV
  7. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/4y2Rr7 After doing a little more looking and listening to what some of you have said I'm leaning towards this setup. Still looking at whether or not to go with a larger SSD in the build. I want to keep it open to expansion so the 1070 and 650W power supply will allow me to go for SLI in the future if I decide to do so. I also know I could go cheaper on the 1070 but I don't want to get a mini card and I'm not too crazy about the blower style of cooler so I figured if I was already pretty close to spending the same amount I might as well get one that will match. I scrapped the AIO cooler in favor of a cheaper air cooler and figured that I could wait on going liquid cooled for now and maybe one day go for a custom cooling setup. I'm also going to do some more research on getting windows for cheaper as well. I just don't have any experience with it. Thanks again for the feedback from everyone on the build. I'm still undecided on a couple of components but I should be ordering all of it tomorrow or over the weekend.
  8. I like the switch to the Seagate Barracuda. I have a couple of other seagate drives and they have served me well and its a great price. Throughout the planning of this build I have gone back and forth between the Strix B350 and the ASRock X370 many times. In the end I feel like I would be more than satisfied with either one. I was thinking of dropping the X62 cooler and using that extra room in the budget for upgrading to the 1070. I would like to keep it open to upgrading to SLI Later down the road. I may never do it but it would be nice to have the room to do so. I had looked at the meshify C case but I just didn't like it as much. The case was the one thing that I spent the most time on and I'm still not 100% on it but I swear it feels like I have looked at every case that has ever been made. Everything from custom building my own small form factor all the way to a 900D (that's probably a little too big for just about anyone) I might take another look around at the case though. As far as the SSD goes. Quite a few people have suggested the upgrade to a higher capacity SSD. Currently I have a 128GB that is not even half full. I really only use the SSD for the OS and a few random little things. The vast majority of my time spent on my pc is doing photo editing and I tend to put that onto my larger drive and mirror it onto an external just to have it backed up so the SSD really doesn't come into play much at all. I might look into expanding it and using it more in my new system though. Thanks everyone for your tips with this so far and as always thanks for the quick replies
  9. I have reconciled myself that if the only reason I have for putting it in the build is that it looks cool I probably shouldn't be putting it in the build so I'm ditching the cooler and running stock for now. I could definitely go cheaper on the PSU but I want to make sure I have the headroom for future upgrades if needed as well as getting something that is going to work well for me. For the RAM that was basically the cheapest 16GB 3000 kit available. From what I have read, Ryzen runs a little better on slightly faster memory (if I'm wrong please correct me) and I am using all 16GB of DDR3 that I have in my current build so I know I will need it. As for the mobo, I know I could go with a B350 but I honestly just like the X370 setup, and it doesn't hurt that this mobo is black and white which is what I'm going for with the build.
  10. I was also toying with the idea of going with a 128GB M.2 on the system as well. Any thoughts?
  11. I had been debating about whether or not to get the X62 and honestly that was in there mostly because I like the look of it. I'll probably hold off on it though. I have looked at the Dark Rock 3 and it says that the height is 160mm and the case can only support 161mm. Would that be cutting it too close? The I have considered a 1070 and I guess if I eliminate the X62 then I could put the extra money towards that just so I have room to go SLI if I wanted to down the road. Probably wouldn't make the most sense for what I'm doing but it would be good to keep that option open. Probably could go cheaper on the storage. I'm trying to find something for the SSD that would still look good in the S340 Elite's front tray. That was the main reason I was thinking that one as opposed to a cheaper one. As for the mass storage, as long as I have at least 2TB and it will work I don't really care about it. I have read about using kinguin before but I wasn't sure what the deal was with it. I've heard some people say they only use that and some people say to never ever use it. not sure who to trust on that one. Thanks for the input. I really like the suggestions. Hopefully I can refine my build and get the parts ordered this week and have it up and running quickly.
  12. So like the title says I am finally pulling the trigger on a Ryzen system. I have toyed with the idea of doing it but I've decided I'm buying all the parts for it within the next week (unless someone knows of a good reason I should wait). I posted before about a possible build but I've done more research and I've changed around somethings that I think would make the system overall work better for me. I am in the US and I'm trying to get all of the parts from either Newegg or Amazon to consolidate orders. I know that might add a little bit of extra cost but I would gladly pay that for less headaches as well as taking advantage of Amazon prime. The main goal of the system is to upgrade from my current setup with respect to video editing and gaming. I don't game very much and on my AMD 6300 with a GTX 1050Ti I was able to get pretty much all that I wanted out of the games that I play. The main reason for the upgrade is in the video editing. I'm also trying to keep the system open to future upgrading down the road so I don't have to completely overhaul like I am doing now. I will be running 2 24" 1080p monitors (considering a switch to an ultrawide 4k but can't justify it yet) already have all of the other peripherals that I need with the exception of Windows for the new build. Below is the link to the build that I have put together so far and I would love to hear some input on it if you have any. Thanks. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/VYHx8K
  13. After thinking about it I can definitely see how this could result in a fanboy war and that was not my intention at all (sorry about that), but thank you for your suggestions. I have looked at the Phanteks Enthoo Evolv and I definitely like that case. In looking at the Inwin 303 really quickly I think it would be a shame not to put in a 360mm radiator on the top section. It would just look too cool not to do it. From my reading I have realized that the NH D-15 is pretty much the best for air cooling options but I'm guessing it would be overkill for the vast majority of applications (so would the above mentioned 360mm radiator for that matter) so that's the only reason I had thought about going with another option. If I don't need the extra performance that it provides then I can possibly go with something a little better looking. I guess I just need to do more research to figure out how much the NH D-15 would really add over other coolers and if sacrificing the looks of the system would be worth the performance boost. Thanks for your input on this. Is there a way to tell from the case specs how large of a cooler that it would support. I know that some manufacturers list it but it seems that the majority do not. I can look at the overall case width but that isn't quite the whole picture since that doesn't take into account the space behind the motherboard. Or is this more of an issue of as long as I don't get another really cheap case I should be able to fit whatever I want in it.
  14. I am currently using an extremely cheap (ie. crap) case and I was going to put a nicer cpu cooler into it to prevent the system sounding like a jet engine all the time and I figured I should probably check to see what clearance I have in the case. Currently I have 160mm to the side panel and I'm not keen on the idea of having the cooler touching the side of the case so I figured I would look at coolers under 155mm in height. The problem here lies in that 99% of decent coolers will be too tall for this. I have resolved that since I'll eventually be completely overhauling the system that I can always just get the case and cooler now and reuse them in the new system which I'm fine with. In looking around though I can't seem to find an easy way to tell what cases would be compatible with a large air cooler. I was looking most heavily at the noctua NH-D15 but the Masterair Maker 8 looks absolutely awesome and I really like that one as well. As far as cases go, I am leaning towards bequiet! for the obvious advantage that they are quiet and that's the main objective here but I'm open to suggestions. I definitely want a tempered glass side panel on the case and I don't really know what color scheme I'll have in the new build so I figure I can just stick to black on the case. I don't really have a budget in mind as long as the price is worth it. Thanks for any help with this.
  15. I was actually debating on that exact change and I figured that since I'm only using about half of the 120GB that I currently have in my setup that 120 would be plenty but it would always be nice to have the additional space. I also noticed that you changed out the case in the build you suggested. Was there any particular reason behind that or is it more of a personal preference? I haven't looked into that particular case so I was just curious. I'm not very familiar with overclocking and tightening timings for ram but I'm sure I could do some research and look into it. I'm guessing that the performance upgrades would be minor but I may be completely wrong on that. I was originally planning to go with the 1400 but decided to up it to the 1600 for exactly that reason. I know that bigger is usually better but I'm guessing that the upgrade from the AMD 6300 to the R5 1600 would already be a huge improvement and I'm not sure if the extra money would really be worth it for me. I also did a little more research on that and it seems like the GPU would be the bottleneck with that setup and I wouldn't be able to unlock the full potential of the CPU without also putting in a more powerful GPU. Please correct me if I am wrong here. Thank you to everyone for the replies on this